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  1. Awesome news!
  2. Please get a goal!!!
  3. Dats!!!
  4. Shoot!!! At least God didn't score, I don't think I could deal with them going on about that.
  5. I want to throw up!!!
  6. Zetterberg!!! He redeemed himself!!!
  7. f***!!!
  8. Shoot!!! At least we got a power play though!!!
  9. I'm super nervous and already feeling bouts of nausea, but I'm ready to know how it ends. I'm super proud of the team either way because I'll admit I had my doubts, but this team has way more heart than what I thought. At the same time though, it would really suck to lose after all this.
  10. I wish it could be game time already, I already feel sick from being nervous. Go Wings!!!
  11. Oh my gosh, that was amazing! Can't wait for the next one, don't know if my stomach can take it though, I'm already so nervous! Go Wings!!!
  12. f***!!!
  13. This is the longest intermission ever!!!
  14. I want to throw up, this game is making me so nervous!!! Yay power play!!!
  15. I'm so nervous. I'm trying to keep up my pessimistic attitude because it works so well for me generally (like during the last game where I got really mad, haha), but its so hard... Go WIngs!!!