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  1. Pucks to the net, less turnovers. PRetty simple stuff. I don't even feel like I'm watching the same team I watched the first 2 games. Get on the roller coaster ride that is the 2016/2017 Red Wings
  2. We have had the puck between the hash marks in their end more in one period tonight than the previous two games combined. Get it to the net, good things happen.
  3. I wish there was a white board on here so I could diagram the Wings offensive plan. SKate over the blue line and drive into the corner. Do a button hook. Make a flimsy pass. Turn it over and have to back check a 3 on 2 . Mrazek might have to 40 saves a game this year just to keep us in it. Does Z know the season has started?
  4. We WILL be the worst defensive team in the league this year and we WILL lead the league in turnovers. If we choose to play this style of garbage hockey we will need to score 5 goals a game.
  5. I think I learned how to make a line change when I was 7. One guy off, one guy on. Not rocket science
  6. We are a product of our defense.............and they suck. Can't make a pass. Can't stop anyone in our own end. Out of position all night. I'm not a Holland hater but this defense is on him. At least try and change the culture back there. If Mrazed hadn't have made 10 good saves this would be a 5 goal game.
  7. It's like finding junk in your house that isn't worth anything and trying to decide whether it's worth even trying to fix up and use or having a garage sale and selling it for .50 cents to someone who may find minimal usage for it. All those guys mentioned are underachievers...hard to get something for them when they aren't worth much. Redwings blunder? Lol. I would be willing to wager with anyone on this site that regardless of what line " Pookie" plays on this year he won't score more than 15 goals.
  8. You mean we will add Joe Morrow so we can have another d man who is exactly like 4 of the other pluggers we have on D?
  9. You don't have to answer this but I would be interested to know how old you are just so I can legitimize your points. Yzerman played in the Gretzky/Lemieux era, 2 of the top 5 forwards ever. The DUDE as you call him is 7th in all time scoring and managed to carve his own path and then humbly adjusted his game for the benefit of the team late in his career. I'm 37 and if I had to list the generational talents of my youth Yzerman would 100% be on that list.
  10. I love how people say Z is done. He had 50 points last year. His role needs to change and I think he needs to fit more into Stevie's role late in his career. He isn't even close to done. That being said none of those guys listed belong in the rafters.
  11. In ranking based on " holy s*** I've never seen a guy do that before " Dats would be #1 for me. In the 80's Datsyuk would've been absolutely scary. I digress. I'm going to base mine on guys i've seen play ( Im 37) : 1. Lidstrom 2. Yzerman 3. Fedorov 4. Datsyuk 5. Shanny
  12. I think it's all about that right there. He's been close in T Bay and I really find it hard to believe that he will want to go way backwards to teams that have no chance of contending. I hope that he will see with the Wings that with him and a couple of other moves we have a chance to contend. Larkin and Stamkos going forward makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
  13. The thing is they aren't just clearing cap space for one year, if they can clear this contract and get the space they have a really legit chance at getting Stamkos which is a generational type player. To the topic at hand though. Farewell to #13. Top 5 favorite Wings all time. He did things on the ice that no other players could do past or present. Good luck in the future Pav.
  14. Silliest thing I have heard in a long time but it's Bettman so what do we expect. People who live in Vegas don't like to go anywhere near the strip so why would you expect them to come to the strip to watch a sport they have no interest in watching? The novelty of guys like me going to a Wing's game once a year or every couple of years will wear off pretty quick. Over/under on this lasting more than 7 years?
  15. What does that have to do with anything that happened today? It's a day to celebrate the life of a legend, not to compare him to other great players. But for the record putting Feds above Mr. Hockey is comicial.