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  1. And what has he ever done that would even suggest that's a possibility? You make your chances, he was never good at any role on this team. He's just not that good. Classic case of a fan base over valuing a guy.
  2. That sir is a good point. Eaves turned into some mythical unicorn all of a sudden.
  3. We are about a page deep in the trade thread, probably about half a page more than he deserves lol. The facts : - Jurco isn't very good - 0 points this year - 7 goals in his last 123 games - We got a decent pick for him - Bye Jurco
  4. Are you for real? There is nothing ever in his progression whether you think he got jobbed in Detroit or not that would lead you to believe he has a 30 point season in him.
  5. I agree, a 3rd rounder for a guy with 0 points. Vanek might be worth 11 first rounders
  6. If any team could make a player out of him it would be the Hawks but I think we will see Jurco playing on the 4th line most of the time or in the press box just like he was in Detroit. Super happy we got a 3rd for him. This is the Hawks style though. High risk, high reward type moves.
  7. Adios Jurco, nice knowing you. Over valued by almost everyone on this site.
  8. I will admit Smith has been good lately and I had the same high hopes you did when he first came in the league but this is a classic example of overvaluing a player on the team you cheer for. He won't get us much. If we got a 3rd for him I'd be happy, anything better than that is gravy.
  9. Mrazek looks sharp. We need to clear pucks out of our own end. I notice that all the good teams hammer pucks out when they are in trouble. We try to finesse it out every time and it just doesn't work.
  10. There isn't many guys on this team who have played better than I thought they would. Z is one. He has been very good. AA and Mantha too I suppose. Larkin like most has regressed. On pace for 17 goals. Not good enough. We need a 35-40 goal guy and I hope he can still be that guy. He reminds me a lot of Taylor Hall early in his career. Moves a 100mph but doesn't really accomplish much a lot of the time.
  11. I have never predicted in a GDT thread that we will lose and I won't start now. Wings win 4-2 ........................or we don't and we continue to ask ourselves why the hell hasn't the last place team in the east with the highest payroll canned their coach yet.
  12. Good point, I guess you can . Thanks https://www.capfriendly.com/players/chris-pronger
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you can't trade an LTIR contract. Best case scenario was Howard could come back and play some games to prove he's healthy and able to play at the form he played at earlier in the season so we could attempt to move him. Not going to happen. He's damaged goods. I think if E was healthy he would've been tradeable but damaged goods also. Green and Nielsen aren't going anywhere in my opinion. Green is a top pair guy and has played like it, can't trade a top pair guy unless you get a big haul in return. Nielsen fits in to any teams plans. He has some offensive skill, he can play at both ends of the ice. Just a solid guy. I'm ready for a blockbuster to be honest. A major culture change type deal. The Flip signing in Tampa had everything to do with money and nothing to do with him wanting to stay in Detroit. The market was out of control and he knew he could a long term big contract somewhere else and the Wings weren't going to pay it. If you live in the hindsight world I guess you could say keeping Flip over Weiss would've been the right move but if we had a crystal ball.........
  14. For the love of everything can we please fire our coach
  15. A lot of fancy stuff there for a team that is 1 point out of last in the east, hasn't won a Cup since Yzerman joined the team and has the 6th highest payroll in the league with a star player who can't stay healthy. Oh and just to note. After Stamkos resigned with the Lightning in the summer it was quite clear that he had no intentions but to stay in TB. All the hype of him leaving was fueled by hockey media. I measure success in Stanley Cups and they have just as many as we do since Yzerman joined the Lightning. We can argue all day what team has the brighter future but as it sits right now it doesn't look good for either.