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  1. video request

    Nope but researching this is turning up some truly hilarious Shanny vids:
  2. video request

    2001 sounds about right. I am almost positive Federov was there so it was 2003 or earlier.
  3. video request

    I'm glad someone else remembers it and I didn't imagine it or something.
  4. video request

    I've been trying to find a clip of a hilarious thing that happened on the Wings bench a number of years ago: Shanahan loses his helmet and goes off on a change. Play continues for quite a while and Shanny's line is due out again but he can't go on the ice without a helmet so he's scrambling around trying to find one but none of them fit becuase he has a giant Irish potato head. I distinctly recall Federov laughing his ass off at the time. Anyone know what I'm talking about or have a clip of it? Youtube link? I've searched everywhere to no avail. Thanks ahead of time.