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  1. And he did, with a lot of hugging... Ott was never a tough guy. He routinely got his ass kicked by guys who could actually fight. He was an antagonist and, in his prime, a good checker. Not sure what he brings to Detroit at this stage of his career.
  2. Let's not forget Mike Babcock fanboy... Mike Commodore! Though nothing was really expected of him, so it's hard to call him a bust.
  3. Signed

    This is true. Fighting is a bonus, but the hockey fight is a dying art form soon to be extinct, unfortunately. Now you need guys who can pound and be disruptive, but who have some semblance of hockey skill, which Probert, Kocur and McCarty all did have. The playoffs are a battle of attrition, so having guys like Drake, like Maltby, like Abdelkader can only help. Lucic without a doubt would have helped. I think Tyler Bertuzzi, while not as physical or as skilled as his uncle (Vancouver days), could also be that guy for us. Givani Smith down the road. Matt Martin on the 4th line would have been fun to watch; the guys hits anything moves. As I said, Ott does very little for me and is not really an effective player anymore. Dallas Steve Ott, while an absolute a-hole, might have fit the bill better. All in all, none of yesterday's signings made us particularly harder to play against. But what's done is done. Though, if you want the headache, there is this guy... But I think I know where most fans stand on that. Me? f*** it, I'd take him, but only if he promised to be a good boy.
  4. Signed

    ^This guy??? Did a tough guy pee in his kool-aid? But if I'm being honest, I don't like this signing, mostly because I don't like Ott - In fact, I hate him. He's one notch above Matt Cooke (who's one notch above shocky2002 now) in my book. This guy went out and tried to injure, not hit hard or make a hockey play, but injure players every time Detroit played Dallas. On top of that, he can't fight to save his life and can't produce points anymore. His effective years are behind him. We needed to get tougher, add a little grit, but I don't think this was the way to go. Bertuzzi or Callahan, or even this Dylan Sadowy kid, would probably be more effective than Ott imo. But I'm not so sure Ott's not going to be buried in GR and this isn't Ken Holland saying, "see, I wasn't lying, we got tougher". But if he plays and can be a disruptive force and actually hit opposing teams defensemen (there's a novel concept!), I can't complain. But getting back to shocky2002, is this guy for real? Is he trolling or what? Did he honestly say McCarty was a worthless hockey player? "Like every other tough guy"? This guys opinion is less than nothing to me from now on.
  5. Signed

    And all are legitimate and fair comments. To say that Vanek is slow and has a poor work ethic is not as much criticism as truthful statements. And what about Holland's rhetoric about getting bigger and harder to play against? That certainly was not addressed, thus far. And I did not complain, I just said "meh", but added that I was not unhappy, which is about the best you're going to get out of me over this deal. But he's a righty, and lord knows we need more of those around here. And 1 year, not 6. But I suspect someone is going to be traded, maybe Nyquist. We'll wait and see.
  6. Signed

    Meh, not super excited but not unhappy about it, and I did tease about pre-ordering your Vanek jerseys a couple of days ago, so there. Can I read Holland or what.
  7. Holland signed a decent player today for contract that isn't terrible?? Who? Did I miss something?
  8. It's a dumb deal and there is nothing anyone can say (spin) to convince me otherwise. I would have been happier (and the team better off in the long run) with one of the kids playing, I could care less about the streak and subsequent 1st round exit. Player A and B didn't want to come here? Fine, tell us that. I can buy that; Holland is not exactly the most charismatic or convincing person in the NHL. I'm not even sure I would sign with Detroit at this point, unless of course Holland gave me 8 years - I mean, I'm only in my late 30's. Just go and sign Matt Martin now so I have a reason to watch the games other than Larkin.
  9. I'd be happy if re-signed Helm and then maybe went out and signed another smallish, soft, non-physical middling European player (you can never have enough of those!) like Frans Nielsen. If Holland could pull this off, redeemed!
  10. Please fire Holland right now. WE DO NOT NEED THIS GUY!!! And for 6 seasons??? He might net us an extra couple of points via the shootout, but that's about it. He brings NOTHING NEW! I would have been happier standing pat than this, which I suggested. If you can't get the big fish, play the kids. I'm so ******* sick of Holland it's not even a joke. He's killing this team. Okposo just signed with Buffalo for not much more than this. Holland is beyond incompetent. I don't even think his apologists can apologize for him anymore, but I'm sure they'll try.
  11. signed

    I started this five years ago but it never caught on. Holland's apologists are too powerful, it seems, and it also helps that Holland knows the Ilitch family's deepest darkest secrets. They could have him knocked off, but it's easier to simply keep him on as GM. As long as butts are in the seats and merchandise sold, no worries.
  12. signed

    What's the point? Same bad movie, same predictable plot twists. Now go and sign Frans Nielsen and Holland's job of walking in circles will be complete.
  13. Wow, that dude sure can score some empty net goals. I'm sold!!
  14. Nielsen brings nothing to Detroit that they didn't have last season. I'd rather see a kid from GR play than sign him. He was a mediocre player most of his career before having a couple of decent seasons recently. I would bet that he would not score 15 goals here, and yes, I do see him as a Stephen Weiss 2.0. It would be a worthless signing. Lucic at least would have brought some grit and toughness, but it appears he's out. Staal would be pointless. I'd like Backes short term, but don't see that happening. I have no interest in Andrew Ladd, and I doubt he has any interest in us. So that leaves Eriksson and Okposo. I'd be happy with either, if the numbers were right. Would also like to add Matt Martin, but that is low probability.
  15. Be afraid, be very afraid. It's going to be a long day, I fear. I bet Holland is already in talks with Quincey's agent.