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  1. Nope I wouldn't. I love Lucic, I don't like his dirty plays as of late with the knee on knee and the hit from behind, but he's a fantastic power forward.
  2. He use to be an agitator. Last season the coach told him not to get his emotions the best of him, stop chirping and worry about putting up points. He did that and actually hasn't chirped a lot since, this game was an exception, probably wanted to put in more heart into this game because of his hometown.
  3. I guess people are really thick headed. You know he's from Detroit right?
  4. Ahahah I thought that second goal you scored went off me, I breathed a sigh of releif when I saw the replay and it went off miller's stick
  5. Can't you just enjoy a good game?
  6. Some ya but not all.
  7. Lol I wish I came up with that but I didnt
  8. The Canucks usually always let it go. It's just Kesler and bxa that get mad.
  9. I never feel comfortable letting Detroit stay in games. They always tend to burn the other team.
  10. Lol I've never seen that, what BS
  11. Ya that's true.
  12. Honestly I'm not sure, I was just told that statistic, I never looked to much into it.
  13. Cool thing that came out of the riot in Vancouver, more people volunteered te next day to clean up then there was people rioting.
  14. Saw that pp coming
  15. That's more like Datz