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  1. So when is Canada's first "real" game? esteef
  2. C'mon Canada, quit struggling with yer group softies! esteef
  3. Excuses for what? How the Medal Count is displayed? esteef
  4. Apparently TSN/CBC gives more weight to a gold medal? The have Slovakia with 1 Gold ranked above Sweden with 5 Silvers and 2 Bronze? Retarded. esteef
  5. Is TSN creating their own way to show the Olympic medal count so Canada ranks higher? esteef
  6. gdt

    A lot of beef on Tampa's 4th line. esteef
  7. Things just got even easier for Canada? Say it ain't so. esteef
  8. The Slovakia jerseys are awesome! esteef
  9. He even missed the granny shot! esteef
  10. Watching Glendening agitate and shut down Patrick Kane was a thing of beauty. esteef
  11. gdt

    Lashoff plays heavy around the net, I like that. He had a great stick tie-up in front of our net right before the Goose snipe goal as well. Good game from him last night. esteef
  12. gdt

    Sheahan vs. Kopecky! esteef
  13. Gold for USA all but certain now. esteef
  14. Whatever you call them, I really like how Jurco consistently finishes the body for a skill guy. Good stuff! esteef
  15. GDT

    Wingz Rule!!! esteef