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  1. RedWingsExpert1988


  2. RedWingsExpert1988

    Trade Deadline buyers or sellers?

    i think trading tatar would be absolutely stupid... nyquist on the other hand idk
  3. RedWingsExpert1988

    Anyone else getting pissed that the Wings can't hold leads

    i miss you nick lidstrom... you where my bread... and my butter to... oh and i have to wash that all down and my wine to
  4. RedWingsExpert1988

    Holland looking around

    i just love how everyone thinks our team is loaded, even without the injuries, LOL keep smokin
  5. RedWingsExpert1988

    Brunner's rookie status?

    brunner is def a great player but he needs to increase his size and strength... he is weak, especially around the boards, and will get burned in the playoffs when the physical play picks up
  6. RedWingsExpert1988

    Team next season?

    A lot of you keep saying trade fil but he can actually skate, pass, PLAY DEFENSE, and sometimes score... the two players to trade on offense would be franzisca and old man cleary on offense to bring in a power foward and sniper... i wouldnt mind sammy being traded either... I dont care franzisca can score 30 goals a season... i will take a guy that scores 20 goals and forechecks and plays with more heart anyday. I keep reading these posts on here since 2009 about how he will start to pick it up again... When is he going to do that i have been waiting for 4 years now?
  7. RedWingsExpert1988

    Hudler's Father

  8. RedWingsExpert1988

    Red Wings sign D Kent Huskins to 1-year, $750k contract

    1. this is not a bad signing because you can not have an almost all AHL defensive roster and succeed. Huskins has experience and our D needs that right now. 2. Holland might be making a trade before the deadline, IF its the right one (whatever Holland's unpredictable brain thinks that is) 3. Most likely there will not be any big trade or signing this season. Holland will wait until free agency and even though we need top D guys, he will see if the RIGHT guys for signing are available (Once again if its the right one because no one according to Holland should be traded according to his loyalty)
  9. RedWingsExpert1988

    1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

    even though i wont judge on 1 game, i still think the multiple breakaways is a sign that we have very bad defense. i can understand the offense needs chemistry and st. louis is great defensively but we have to figure out what to do with the D
  10. RedWingsExpert1988

    Teams Must Comply with 23man Roster Limit by Tomorrow

    just curious, why is nyquist not going to start? He is better than emmerton!
  11. RedWingsExpert1988

    #8 Los Angeles Kings vs. #2 St. Louis Blues

    Smart GM to pick up Mike Richards. He has looked amazing in the playoffs but then again he also did in philly
  12. RedWingsExpert1988

    Time to start looking for a new coaching staff

    The problem is more than what everyone thinks. Lets start with Holland. Not Babcock. He has not been changing the team around at all the past couple years. The next problem is we have too many PLAYMAKERS. There are no snipers on the team. The next problem is we have a very SMALL team that IS NOT PHYSICAL. Another problem we have is really bad 3/4th line. We also need to replace guys like hudler, bert or cleary, and franzen on top 6, grab a sniper or two and get a couple big physical power fowards. Holmstrom needs to retire. Defense will be interesting this off season depending on what happens with lids, stuart, and if anyone gets traded...
  13. RedWingsExpert1988

    Wings meet Preds in First Round

    datsyuk and zetterburg are really going to be physically targeted by the preds... i would hate to see one of them get injured. they better keep their heads up and play with a physical edge because nashville is a dirty team and will try to injure our star players and that is NOT what we need. also need players to stand up for each other and fight if needed. can not be pushed around against a physical team like nashville
  14. RedWingsExpert1988

    Welcome Back Mule!

    I also think he is mainly in it for the money... especially with a locked up contract
  15. RedWingsExpert1988

    Babcock heaps praise on the value of Jonathan Ericsson

    He has improved a little bit...