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  1. Just as our momentum gets going. Let's hope they can take this into the 3rd.
  2. I don't understand... Do you want us to lose?
  3. And they also have the longest playoff streak off any pro sports team at 19 or 20 years in a row i think.
  4. What's your beef with Ericsson? This is the most hate I've ever seen anyone give him.
  5. Wait, no ones said it yet so I might as well. "TAKE OFF YER BLINDERS REFS"
  6. Alright Holmstrom, the first one was not even close to a penalty, but try to prove a point by not getting a dumb one. Nice hit by abs once again its fun to see how the refs decide to pick penalties. And well goal was coming can't have 5 on 4 throughout the whole game.
  7. Now think how many nights like these have put him down a few for things pretty much not his fault? Just remember, a 40 year old with over 60 points. What can others say they did when they were 40?
  8. Well, it could be worse.
  9. First time I've seen 10 goals this season. Babcock looks neutral, calm, collected as always. Probably because is wife is waiting for him when he gets home.
  10. Yeah, very true. But if you had the choice between being positive or negative right now, what would you choose? Wait. Don't answer that.
  11. No no no. I just had the Sedin brothers, Luongo, Kane, Toews, plenty more.