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  1. Again, does #24 actually play for us or just collect a check. I'm not one to bash openly, but Salei has got to find where he belongs, because it's not on the ice today. Babbers, pull the plug on him please.
  2. I can't stop feeling like a wake up call has been sounded for the Wings! Please let this be true. I mean, s***cago is giving it all they can and Detroit has another gear!! Overdrive mofo's....OVERDRIVE!!!!!
  3. YES!!!! YES!!!!
  4. Does Salei play for Detroit?
  5. I'm serious when I say that I've tried to overlook the Ref's bad calls during a game to make it more pleasurable, but DAMN I can't get over a non-call when the cocksucker is looking right at the infraction. I try to quit watching every year because of this problem. Can we get a break or WHAT!!!
  6. Hmmmm... Weird.
  7. Be tough, work together, dig deep, and never quit is why the Wings are the best team for 20 years!!! In any sport! The owners, management, and players know this expectation, and I love to be a fan. Being physical isn't the key to winning, but it is a big part of team synergy....Go Wings!!
  8. yes!!!
  9. Sounds good, but the man has been Big Bert today. his demeanor has kept Detroit in this brother!
  10. Big Bert TIME!!! Come on DETROIT!!!!!
  11. Your pursuit continues....
  12. At the trade deadline I thought Babcock would get a BlueLiner, but I guess we're good...Right?? Not to mention a look see at a goalie, but hey.
  13. Scotty Bowman aint even dead and he's rollin over..... Jeesh!
  14. Is Babbers ever gonna get his lines fixed on the D!!! WTF!
  15. HOWIE!!!! Strait from Hawaii!