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  1. After listening to some live versions of the song, I think it could be "fear of the dark" Maiden and the Red Wings Rock on! Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  2. I wish it was.... It's not Rise Against. I'm telling u guys...it sounds like Iron Maiden.
  3. Just so we're all clear, this song sounds much much older. For the record, I've also heard it more than once at the Joe. It's a repeat. If I'm not mistaken, could it be played after a Metallica song? Sorry I'm not very helpful.
  4. I wish I could be more helpful.....my mind is so boggled & full of listening to tunes!!
  5. No hits yet. Thanks for all the suggestions. Stay away from dance or classic rock. This song is definitely more hard core.
  6. No AC/DC....appreciate all the help though.
  7. I know it's not much but I thought they chanted.... "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh......oh oh oh oh"
  8. Man....I wish I could remember. Heard it in the 3rd period of the Pitts game in late March.
  9. No...that's definitely not the song I have in mind. I am familiar with Journey.
  10. I really thought it was Maiden. Maybe I'm wrong....
  11. I am looking for the artist and title of a particular song. I think it's an Iron Maiden song. The crowd takes over and chants to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please help Detroit metal fans.... Go Wings!!