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  1. Goaltending?

    Thanks for the responses fellas. I was kinda thinking the same thing. He is just 21 so the jump from OHL to AHL and NHL has to be a huge step. I had the pleasure for watching a few games of his in the OHL and his size, quickness and puck handling is very good. Have they ever gave him a long strech of games? He is used to be the starter so perhaps sitting the bench as a fiirst round pick is frustrating. All I know is I hope they really give this kid a shot because im sure another team would pick him up in a heart beat. Then watch him be a stud with someone else.
  2. Goaltending?

    I saw that the GR just brought in another goaltender. Whats the work out on the streets with McCollum? When he was drafted he was the #1 ranked goalie in the US. I don't get to catch many games but noticed he was back and forth with toledo. He also got a brief taste with the wings last week but the team didnt show up. I believe that he has one more year under contract. I guess Im looking for some inside info / opinions on what peoples thoughts are with regards to such a high picked prospect.