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  1. I don't expect either (Sammy or Bert) to be back to be honest. If they did and I ran the show I'd just waive Dan Cleary.
  2. While I am glad to see him back I was hoping it would have been for $3.5-4 Million and 4 years tops. Oh well at least he's re-signed.
  3. Terrible idea. Not a fan at all.
  4. GO WINGS! My prediction Detroit 3 Minnesota 2
  5. McCollum blows. I don't think the local Rec Hockey Team would want him.
  6. My guess is 1. Florida 2. Islanders (Garth Snow is kinda dumb) 3. Rangers 4. Flyers
  7. While that decision is painful for the first year I think it will help us in the long run especially since we aren't tied down with two $8 Million + Long Term Contracts.
  8. UGH! What a shock............. NOT!!!!
  9. Not only No but HELL NO!
  10. GDT

  11. GDT

    Time to bench Cleary.
  12. GDT

    YAHOO! They were called for a Penalty. FINALLY!
  13. GDT

    Can we ever clear the damn zone????
  14. GDT

    He should be working at Wal-Mart as the greeter.
  15. GDT

    Come on Offense get it together.