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  1. 1/26 GDT: Panthers 5 @ Red Wings 4 (SO)

    Top notch!
  2. Z interviewed in Swedish paper

    Swedish paper Expressen published an interview with Z today. Sorry about my English, it's not my native language! Everywhere inside Detroits dressing room you can hear players answer questions about their captain, how much he means for his team, and what makes him so good. After the practice we're in Henrik Zetterbergs Range Rover, on our way from the worn out parts of Detroit, to the suburb Birmingham, where the main part of the players live. It's when we're getting closer, I start to see why some of the clubs greatest have chosen to stay after they stopped playing. - It's very nice out here, Zäta says. Everyone is saluting you for your captaincy. What exactly is it, that you do so good? - I really don't know. We are many players that's been here a long time, and we went the same school, with so many great leaders around us all the time. I'm not thinking about it; it's a natural leadership. It's not like you walk around thinking about what to say, it just comes to you. Can you pick something you picked up from your predecessors? - The main thing is to lead by example, both Yzerman and Lids are representatives of that. They really stepped forward when most needed, and were always there for their team mates. Exactly like Zetterberg needed to do earlier in January - when the 23 year old team mate Tomas Tatar got the message that his father had died in Slovakia. The day after Tatar won the game for the team in LA, before he went home to bury his father. You hugged him a bit extra and whispered something in his ear. It was a picture spread in many social medias. -Yes, I don't think any of us thought about it when it happened, it just was when he scored... of course it was emotional for the whole team. All the things he went through, and he was the one that got to decide the game, he stayed those two games before he went home. We won the game and it came about very naturally. It was a special moment for the whole team. Zetterberg continue to talk about to take care of the young guys. -I think I was kind of spoiled when I came to the league. No one was really unkind or though with the new guys, they took really care of us. And I really try to be there for the new ones now. If they are comfortable of course they play better too. Detroit haven't missed playoff in 22 years. This year many people are worried. The list of hurt players have been brutal, and right now it's Zetterberg that have to take a heavy load both in the offensive and defensive game. The pressure before the Olympics will be immense. -It's been pretty hard. We've had many injuries and guys hurt all the time. i don't think we had ordinary line-up in one single game. The guys from Grand Rapids are doing are doing a fine job, I think. But it would be nice to get the ordinary team gathered after the Olympics, and to a push to try to get up in the standings. Are you and Emma feeling more at home for every year? -Yes, it's more and more becoming our home. I've been here for 10-11 years. For every years that goes by it's a bigger chance that we remain here after I stop playing. We like it very much here, it's a terrific city and unbelievable nice people. It's a nice place to live in. Pavel Datsyuk. Are you able to add something about that's not been said about this hockey phenomenon? - We got close very early. He came in one year before me, and we played together, on and off for 10 years. It's a unbelievable guy, and a really good teammate. He does everything right out there. You never stop to be amazed what he does out there. Often he does a move in practice that we just laugh about, then he does it in the games too. What do you think makes him so good? - He's got an unbelievable balance. How he skates, and how strong he is on his legs. And he's got magic hands, which make him able to things in and off balance. It's hard to see what he will do. When I look back at my career I will understand how lucky I've been to play with him almost the whole time. In the Olympics I'll count on you to stop him. - Yes... it's kind of hard actually. But it's about to take away the space from him. When he's got space and is up to speed he's dangerous. He's a key player for Russia, and if you can get him off balance much is won. But it's not easy to do. He's got to stop you to, at the same time, you must not forget that. - Yes it's a bit of a balance there. To have the puck feels like a key, so that you don't have to chase him around. If you got to talk about the Sweden team in The Olympics? - We got an unbelievable good team; many have been around for a long time and been playing good in their clubs. Of course we haven't got the depth that Canada and USA got, so we got to have everyone healthy. But if we got that, gold isn't impossible. How did you celebrate the last Olympics? - The last time we didn't celebrate, I can tell you that. Of course. 2006 in Torino I meant. - That was a fantastic experience. To win with the guys, that did their last international games. Peter, Mats, Lids, Homer. It was a special team we got then. To win together with Peter, Sudden (Sundin) and Affe (Alfie), that you looked up to, since you were a kid. It also was cool to get to Stockholm to see the support there too. It's an important game immediately, against the Czechs. It can decide the group. - Yes, it's important to get a game like that immediately, so that you get a feel if something is not right, or to know if something needs to be corrected. Previous gold-tournaments an early wake-up call maybe has been good, to not just cruise through the early games and then meet a good team, and all of a sudden the tournament is over. Jagr and Nedved are two experienced guys to take care of. - Jagr, you got to say, has had a terrific year over here. Nedved, I really don't know where he is playing actually. But it will be good to get into the tournament and meet a good team straight away. Which team do you like to beat in the final? - Canada Why? - Would be nice to meet them, and defeat them in a final. It's something special to meet Canada and get to win against them. Has it something to do with Sidney Crosby, and your history in Stanley Cup? Would it be nice to win against him? - No it's not so much about him, but it would be nice to beat your coach. How is Mike Babcock anyway, he looks maniacal? Yes he can get mad sometimes. But it's a bit special, I had him as a coach for nine years now, and it would be nice to really play them in a final and win.
  3. Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

    Google translate from
  4. 2012 World Ice Hockey Championships

  5. Sweden's lineup against Norway Friday (Aftonbladet, Swedish paper): Franzén, Zetterberg, Loui Eriksson Stålberg, Krüger, Alfredsson Landeskog, Järnkrok, Silfverberg Niklas Persson (KHL), Joel Lundqvist, Fredrik Pettersson (SEL) Defense: (No info about the pairings) Niklas Kronwall, Jonathan Ericsson, Jonas Brodin, Mattias Ekholm, Niklas Hjalmarsson, Victor Hedman, Erik Karlsson, Staffan Kronwall Goalie: (My prediction): Viktor Fasth (Anaheim next season)
  6. Lids showing off his torso

    I found another picture.
  7. Lids showing off his torso

    I can confirm that Lids are talkning about Lilja in the Article, but not in a bad way. The team was visiting the President after the 2008 victory. A couple of players were invited to the bowling alley (is that the right word?), in the basement. Then they got to play a little. Lids says: "That was a long way from Avesta" (his home town). "It was awesome. Even Lilja was speechless." Theres nothing strange in that sentence. It shows how good a friend Lilja is of Lids.
  8. Lids showing off his torso

    Hello For all the fans of well trained wings. Lids has been interviewed in a swedish magazine called Café. He's on the front page, take a look:
  9. I continue to translate bits from Swedish papers. Google translate is a good invention, but it needs some manual adjustment after translating a text. It's funny that Google translates Z:s swedish nickname "Zäta" to "Detroit /" !!! From Swedish paper Expressen: Talked with both Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall after the 3-1 victory last night. Detroit and San Jose have now played six matches. After having beeing down 3-0 in games, the Red Wings had a knife their throat for three games and won them all. - Yes, it feels like we've already played a number of seventh and decisive matches, said Kronwall. It was his shot that Z redirected after 10:38 of the third period. It was the equalizer, and then nothing could stop the Red Wings. - It was lucky that Z got the stick on the puck, because otherwise I think Niemi has the shot in his glove. Now the puck went low instead, "said Kronwall. - With that kind of leader the team has in Nicklas Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski there will never be any panic. Their way of acting makes everybody calm, says Kronwall. The question is whether the routine can calm the storm waiting in San Jose on Thursday night. - We have a great atmosphere in the team and just keep playing our game, it's not more complicated than that, says Henrik Zetterberg after the night's 3-1 win over San Jose. Z had a another great game. - I got the stick on the puck, it was close being a high stick. Glad it wasn't. His control was like the best of "Homer's". - Yes, you've seen him do that kind of stuff for seven years, so you've learned a little, said Z with a laugh. - Good for Filppula, that he got a goal, given all the hard work he does, match after match. - Howard has really grown a few classes this year. He has been a really good this winter, especially in this series, "said Z.
  10. Thornton slash on Z

    Glad that Lids is our Captain, that's for sure!
  11. Kronwall has been interviewed for swedish paper Expressen. Detroit is trailing 2-0 in games against San Jose Sharks. In other words, tonight´s game is incredibly important for the Swedes team at home at Joe Louis Arena. Pro Hockey blog got a hold of Niklas Kronwall when he sat in his car on his way to practice. Sharks looks tough to meet - how has the feeling been on the ice in the first two games? No, we haven't been good enough, simply. I do not want to take something from the Sharks. They have been really good, but we must do better. Is there something specific in your game that you think of? It's everything, basically. Both attack and defense. We must make it harder for their defenders to start the attacks. We must attack the goal and disturb their goalie, which I do not think we have tried at all. We must break their attack after 10-15 seconds rather than after 40-45 seconds, so we can go on the attack before we get too tired. And finally we need to become much, much better on the power play. You are trailing 2-0 in matches. What is the situation in the team now? Is it pressed or relaxed? It still feels pretty good, I think. We believe in what we do, and we are looking forward to tonight's match. There has been talk of Sharks players' mind games, especially against your goalie Jimmy Howard. Are there extra trash-talk, and such, on the ice? No, not what I've noticed. Perhaps it is like that for the others. They have made some "snow-showers" at Howard, but we should stay away from scrums and put energy into other things. I think it is a sheer pleasure to see Pavel Datsyuk playing hockey at the moment. How is it to play with him? I think he is the world's best right now - and he has been all year. It's incredible what he can do on the ice, both in attack and defense.
  12. 200 Posts...

  13. Doan vs. Lidstrom

    ... perhaps we can hope to see Doan Kronwalled?
  14. Doan vs. Lidstrom

    Just thought that I'd share a bit from Swedish newspaper Expressen. The translation was made by Google, and was adjusted a bit by me. I saved first line though; sounds like the first line in a bad thriller. One more thing; Lids is sometime called "Lidas" in swedish. Google translate this to "suffered", wich actually is quite right... it was funny though, to read that translation. Phoenix was looking for Lidstrom in the night Bang on him. That seemed to be Phoenix's motto towards Nicklas Lidstrom in tonight's fourth round. First run at Lidstrom was recorded at 13:45 by Taylor Pyatt . Phoenix big power forward made a hard hit from the wrong side when Lidstrom was struggling with another opponent to reach the puck behind his own goal. Detroit's Swedish captain fell to the ice, but was quickly up again. The hit led to no penalty. Shane Doan was punished, however, for a cross checking in the back after the whistle, when the game clock was at 17:29 of the first period. -"Sure they tried to hit Lids a little extra. Their opponents have the world's best defender in the lineup, so it is understandable that they try to play physical against him, when the opportunity arises, but it does not often happened to Lids, "said Nicklas Kronwall when we talk to him after the game. x How about Doan crosscheking in the back? - I do not know what the idea is of such a thing, it feels so damn unnecessary. There is no place for that kind of things, and I'm glad that the judges took out Doan for it.
  15. WCQF Game 2 GDT: Coyotes 3 at Red Wings 4

    Dats sure is brilliant! But don't forget to admire Homer for all the work, my oh my!