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  1. Listening to 2 guys at Dons argue over who's babymomma had the harder they actually were the ones in labor. #nosympathy #stfu

  2. Nothing compares, no worries or cares, regrets and mistakes and memories made, who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

  3. Damn moth flew in my car while driving to work. I injured it trying to bat it out the window. Now it's stuck in the windshield vent #oops

  4. is it bad that when I saw Neil Diamond & Sweet Caroline trending, I first thought, "WTF?" then my next thought was "Did he die?" #oops

  5. A volcano under a glacier in an uninhabited part of Iceland is starting to erupt. oh noz!!! #everybodypanic #rapture

  6. #iftheworldendsonsaturday maybe Rebecca Black is actually a holy miracle in disguise, informing us all to get down on Friday, Friday...

  7. Wolverines on the late night nature show have caused Gatsby to completely freak out. #damncat

  8. denverwingsfan13


    I have to be wearing SOMETHING Wings during the game. If I can watch, jersey, if I have to work, I wear a St Patricks Day Wings tank top under my uniform. Its green, has shamrocks, and the Wheel, so... I also try and kiss Datsyuk's signature on the autographed stick hanging in my living room before the puck drops.
  9. It's the middle of the night here but loving watching the wedding, can't wait to see the dress!! #CNNtv #royalwedding

  10. denverwingsfan13

    Have you got your RED on?

    I was doing the simple embroidery thread tied around my wrist, but they keep breaking =/
  11. denverwingsfan13

    To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    Oh, I forgot to mention. I'll be rocking the red, plus I have stuffed Rally Al with me. Took some pictures while drinking at Margaritaville tonight
  12. denverwingsfan13

    To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    I'll be at game 4, in red. My companion, a disgruntled Avs fan who "hates but respects the hell out of the Wings", refuses to wear red but has been threatened against wearing white. *grin*