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  1. Wings sign D Mike Commodore to 1-year, $1m contract

    I'm happy to see that there are people in Wings nation that are as happy about this as I am! Even if he might be a healthy scratch or gets assigned to the minors, he could be like Danny Cleary and pop back up and be a major contributor down the road. The only thing that worries me is him making more excuses about his poor play when he'll be with such a high class team. No excuses just results! Welcome to Detroit Mike Commodore!
  2. RFA/UFA Signings

    Phew good thing I'm not the only one! Especially since a mediocre team would have probably signed him for that much... talk about overpaying!
  3. RFA/UFA Signings

    I was away from the internets the past few days and would someone enlighten me to any story as to why Kenny gave Ericcson that much money!?!?!! Please and thank you because I'm still baffled.
  4. Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

    Anyone hoping for a Lilja return? 750000 wouldnt hit us too hard and provide a solid partner for Kindl! But I agree with you VM1138, we should replace Lidstrom this year. Who would you pick though? The class for a long term replacement this year off of Free Agency would be Wisniewski Bieksa or Pitkanen (unless we do trade Filpula for Green which would be solid, or any other Ken Holland waving a magic wand and making more magical trades occur).
  5. Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

    I completely agree because when I was probing through the top defensemen (contract wise) was Rafalski... and no one up there was pulling me like Pitkanen Beiksa and Wisniewski do.
  6. Brian Rafalski announces retirement after 11 NHL seasons

    With Rafa gone we have enough space to sign 2 of the 3 top under 30 defense men and I love to see it too. Bieksa is an emotional leader, Pitkanen is a strong scorer and a large body, and Wisniewski would be a great hometown hero kind of guy who would also provide much needed protection for Jimmy. Cut Ericcson, Salei, and Ozzy, sign two of these and BOOM. 2 or 3 Lord Stanley's in our future. Not to mention, God forbid, Lidstrom ever retires in the next 2 or 3 years, that frees up even more cap space for more young talent. Also this adds more space to resign Eaves and either bring in a young talented forward or resign Miller. This is a perfect time economically for the Wings to see Rafalski go. Thanks for your service Rafa, we love you but we love to also see you nobly throw in the towel now instead of pulling the Brett Favre.
  7. James Wisniewski?

    Do you like Bieksa for his playoff heart or because he's an emotional leader? Also why would he ever leave Vancouver when they seem to have something working right now? *knock on wood* Vancouver has 13 mil in cap space next year, granted a lot of players are free agents next year but you'd think they'd lock up Bieksa pretty quickly?
  8. James Wisniewski?

    Honestly, I think Wisniewski looks good on paper and it's a big plus the fact that he's young, but what worries me about him is he's primarily a goal scorer and that minus stat worries me a bit. Also youth can go either way and Wisniewski is a small guy. Kaberle is a big body who also can generate points, plus he fits the Holland mold of being over the age of 30. However I do agree with you that this is his biggest downside because I would like to see some younger legs take over and become franchise faces. I think I'd be with you number9 and pick Wisniewski because of the age factor. However, I think that if we already have Rafalski, Wisniewski just makes it overkill on offense and then I think that it would be imperative to sign a BIG N' STRONG physical defensive partner (or else splitting up Kronwall and Stuart giving one to Lids and one to Rafalski).
  9. Thrashers possibly done in Atlanta!

  10. James Wisniewski?

    SHHH! Losing your touch is nothing the Red Wing organization can't fix through coaching. Case n' Point: Danny Cleary. I mean I like Miller and Eaves but they might be asking too much. I personally like each of their maturity levels more than Abs but we have already inked him for another season or two. Not to mention our farmboys (as you mentioned) of Teemu, Tomas Tatar, Jan Mursak and others. Not to mention we have yet to call up Riley Sheahan who I've watched play at ND and he is one fast, large man. I mean with Wisniewski you're bringing in a solid first liner to pair with Lids. You would have Kronwall and Stuart as your 'Enforcer Line' at 2. And then you could put together young guns like Kaberle and Ericsson. You would have a very strong defensive rotation, at least I'd think so. Only thing is I think Kenny Holland needs to hire Chuck Liddell to teach Ericsson how to fight and use the body. Also I do like Pitkanen. I just worry because we have a lot of point scorers and his minus numbers jump out at me. However that might just be because he is in Carolina where the defense is so porous that I feel bad for their goalie. But again we'd need to see how much cap space we have. Though I agree with sending Rafalski to waivers because he has not shown to me that he is aging with the same grace as the fine wine that is Nicklas Lidstrom...
  11. James Wisniewski?

    I like it. Especially if we can also muscle Kaberle into our cap space as well. Plus Lids is leaning toward staying and I'm sure he'd be thrilled to have 5 other solid defensemen in Stuart, Wiz, Kaberle, Kronwall and Ericcson (if he also stays under cap space). Also it doesn't look as though we will be able to keep both Miller and Eaves so that would give us more room. Though I would love Love LOVE to see Rafalski traded because he's WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for WAY TOO LITTLE LEFT IN THE TANK.
  12. Notable Restricted/Unrestricted Free Agents in 2011

    Is there any team who would agree to take Rafalski? I mean he's still a strong scorer/assist generator but I think his Cap space of $6 friggen Mill is Hella too much. Zdeno Chara gets about that much now with the contract that he negotiated. Is there any team that desperate on defense that they'd be willing to trade picks or a young defensemen? (i.e. Toronto shopping Kaberle if they resign him for a deal like Rafalski and Miller for Kaberle and picks?)
  13. Red Wings Interested In Conklin?

    Do the Islanders have any good young defensive talent that we could trade Hudler and Rafalski (and/or picks) for one of their talents and Nabakov? Dealing Rafalski and Hudler : a) Clears up A LOT of cap space b) Shows that Holland is "cleanin' out our closet" of guys who are overpriced, are lackluster players, and just want to ride the coattails of a fantastic team c) Gives us suitable cap room for guys like Eaves, Miller, (and depending on how risky you want to go) and Ericcson d) Also leaves plenty of cap space for another good defensemen or strong defensive forward to replace Draper (if he retires).
  14. 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    This is so funny! It would've been more epic had you used "Hardcore Pawn" since that's in Detroit!