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  1. Robby2419

  2. Red Wings MVP of Round 1

    Datsyuk. Next Question.
  3. What is Helm's offensive potential?

    Helm just needs to keep doing what he is doing.
  4. Sounds like more Versus/NBC for the next few years

    ugh. thankfully i can keep turning on the radio and muting the volume on the TV.

    id love to see the wings walk all over them.
  6. Why detroit is hockeytown

    i dont think youre that far off on the beer pong comparison. also, your typical NBA fight consists of one guy taking a dainty little swipe at someone and then running off like a little ***** and a bunch of other guys bumping chests and talking s***. theres no running rfom a fight in hockey unless you want to be branded a gutless coward
  7. Why detroit is hockeytown

    an espn poll doesnt tell me much. espn is a joke. for an entity that prides itself on being the world wide leader in sports, they sure are lacking in hockey and soccer coverage. 30 seconds of barry melrose each time sportscenter airs is a joke. and lets not even discuss its way over the top NFL coverage. anyway screw that noise and screw espn. go wings!
  8. Speaking of Playing Through Pain...

    ok im man enough to admit it. that choked me up a bit. i was at the game when they retired his number. i still cant believe he is gone. i never thought growing up i would see my favorite player retire.
  9. i wonder whose inbox we can blow up to express our displeasure with this turn of events
  10. ok now that i have a few more details, i can state my opinion. is throwing stuff on the ice grounds for ejection? yes and it always has been. octopi chuckers usually go quietly and willingly with no fuss and all parties involved have generally seemed to be cooperative and peaceful. everyone know what theyre getting themselves into. that said, this is still complete and total bulls***. f*** commisioner golem link to ozzie video http://detroit.cbslo...agedwith-video/

    they do this in England at soccer matches. Some are hilarious. Some are cruel. All of them are great. If we start doing something similar here, i would be ecstatic. that is until "golem" gary bettman decides its against the rules
  12. im reserving judgment on this for a bit. it seems to me a few more details are missing.
  13. To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    lol. it seems like theres a simpsons reference for just about anything
  14. Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby the Brain Heenan
  15. To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

    heard an amusing chant at the game last night that i couldnt help but join in on back to winnepeg!