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  1. NHL Center Ice during playoffs question

    Well with my crappy cable company in Nova Scotia they show that the games will be on NHL Center Ice but when they are supposed to start they magically turn to baseball games. I hope tonight that isn't the case as the Dallas game is not being carried by anyone in this market. I'd love Bell Express Vu or DirecTV but the wind in my area means I wouldn't be watching much playoff hockey at all.
  2. Detroit Vs Calgary Predictions

    Bertuzzi may not show up on the scoresheet as much as he probably should but I can almost guarantee he will create some turnovers and absolutely level a few calgary blueliners like he did to Jackman a few years ago. He will show up for the playoffs IMO and that will cause all sorts of headaches for the flames defence. They will have to deal with both Holmstrom and Bertuzzi in front of the net and down low.
  3. Canucks win in 4OT

    Naslund goal. Yeah he probably jumped on the ice too early but Linden was to the bench before naslund touched the puck. I'm sure it happens several times a game but rarely does it result in a chance to score. Most often you see it on the back check or changing on the PK. Happens all the time. I understand the frustration of Tippett because it did result in a goal. Though he perhaps should have been more frustrated with Turco for letting a softy in. Smolinski never touched the puck until he put it by Turco. The puck was clearly deflected by Boucher. The game was this: Vancouver had the edge for the first 30 minutes. The next 15 minutes were pretty even but the canucks grabbed a couple of goals. Once the canucks had the 2 goal lead they sat back as so many teams do (when will they learn??) and then yes Dallas dominated the last 15 minutes of regulation. The first OT was pretty even IMO, perhaps a slight edge to Dallas but very few chances for either side. The second OT was dominated by the Stars. The 3rd OT was pretty even but the canucks began to take the game to the Stars in the latter portions of it. The 4th OT was dominated by the canucks (well by the Sedins really). All in all it was a pretty even game. The canuck shots were down in regulation because they did try to sit back instead of just plugging away and really trying to bury the Stars. All in all it was a pretty even game which is expected from a 7 period game. Slight edge to Dallas overall but they certainly did not dominate all game or for the first 5 periods.