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  1. Top 10 Americans in NHL

    Rafalski has been a great fit on this team since coming here. He's always been on teams that were fairly stacked with talent, and has never fully gotten his props for his accomplishments. Then again, maybe he likes being second behind Lidstrom (and previously with Neidermayer).. but he seems like a great team guy, and has fit in well with our system and has been quite productive.
  2. Teppo Numminen retires

    Teppo had a terrific career, and I think he was kind of one of the more underrated defensemen of his era.. He spend so many years with the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise, battled through those health problems (I believe he had a heart condition similar to Jiri Fischer's) and was also a character guy and a very skilled defenseman.
  3. Roenick Done.

    hmm.. I'm a little surprised there was no interest from Kenny Holland here.. Kind of seems like Roenick could've been a good fit here. Veteran presence who brings some scoring and energy, who's also hungry for a cup. Even though he was quite outspoken, I always thought he usually wanted the best for the game. Kinda sad to see him go.
  4. Is anyone else sick of...

    This post pretty much says it all. Good job
  5. Bettman suspends Lidstrom, Datsyuk 1-game each

    what worries me is that we will have to call some of the kids up from grand rapids but because of our salary cap position, we may have an issue bringing anyone up..
  6. Any thoughts on who will be the next assistant coach?

    how about larionov??
  7. JLA Fans Are Pathetic

    for some reason, the broadcasts are distorting the loudness. I'm sure you hear times when the crowd is really loud, and all of a sudden it's like it's tuned out. They have control over the audio in the arena.. for some reason i think they allow more crowd noise to air in the arenas like nashville and calgary/edmonton.. whereas in detroit they tune them out. I honestly think that our fans are just as loud as the other teams', it's just that the noise isn't picked up by our broadcasts. p.s. anyone agree that the camera man tonight sucked?? It looked like he was shooting from outside the arena, it was so far away. ZOOM IN!!
  8. The Best in History?

    didn't Sawchuk and Hall team up at least one year for Detroit?? Those are two pretty historic goaltenders.
  9. Update from Wednesday's practice

    I'm sorry but that is one of the most ignorant statements I have heard in a long time. That is what is wrong with society today. No loyalty, no appreciation. It's one thing if we give Dom a definate chance and he just can't play anymore, but it's TOTALLY different to count him out after 11 games. Give me a break. A man as talented as Dom does not lose his abilities in 11 games. I'm sorry but that's just not logical. I draw a parallel from Yzerman's last season. He was playing on the fourth line, in a checking role. He was completely misused. He was never a checker, he was always a very skilled finesse player. YOU DON'T LOSE THAT. The skill doesn't go away. It became apparent when you'd see him make amazing moves and highlight reel goals (like the one on Brodeur his last few games) and that 9 or 10 game point streak he went on towards the end of the season. Yzerman's body was TRULY falling apart.. he still had the game. Dom's body is getting older, but he's not injured.. he's fine. and like Yzerman, he still has his game. Watch Dom in practice or warmups and you'll see, not only does he still have game, but he also still has firey passion. Excuse me guy, but number 1: you don't know that other teams didn't make offers. #2 just because someone isn't made other offers doesn't make them a bad player. No one wanted Dan Cleary, Mikael Samuelsson, Larry Murphy, Draper, the list goes on. Shoot, wasn't Steve Sullivan claimed off of waivers a few years back?? The point is, it is simply a fact that Dominik Hasek is one of the most talented goalies ever to play the game. Not only was he extremely talent, but he was SO talented that he revolutionized the position, and created his OWN playing style (one that was VERY effective and virtually impossible to duplicate/teach). And for you Osgood fans out there, did you happen to notice the breakaway the other night, and see how Osgood made a remarkable save.. however he was sprawled out flat on his back.. Hasek style. It worked, you can't argue a fact like that.
  10. Update from Wednesday's practice

    hockeycrazy, yes, that is what i am saying. Hockey IS a team sport, and I don't feel that I contradicted myself at all. You have to look ahead, what will be best for the team further down the road. And on the goalie front sir, Hasek will be best for our team. I understand if you're a fan of Osgood's then you want to see him play, but if you're more a fan of the Red Wings, you need to play Hasek, period. Anyone who at all thinks that Osgood has more talent than Hasek is just plain wrong, I'm sorry. Hasek has proven that he can carry teams, that he can single handedly win games, he has the stats, the hardware, and the mentality to back it up.. whereas Osgood does not. You respect that, and you play Hasek.
  11. Update from Wednesday's practice

    I'm a little surprised by some of the replies on this thread. When you have DOMINIK HASEK (who, remember, was one of the best goalies just last season) on your team, he IS, no doubt, your number one guy. It's like sitting Roy or Brodeur, I mean.. it's just not intelligent. It's a fact that Hasek is struggling right now. If he didn't have the desire to play (or if he was "disinterested" as that numskull said on tv last night) he wouldn't have chosen to play another year. This isn't Hasek's first slump in his career folks. He can not work through it in practice alone. I figured Babcock would be smart enough to know that. Someone with the natural talent of Hasek's does NOT just lose it during one offseason, and that's a fact folks. He needs games to work through his slump, and when you have the type of skill and resume as Hasek does, the coach should honor that. I've been a huge Babcock supporter for as long as he's coached, but he's not making the right decision here. Playing Hasek once a week is just going to keep him cold. For those who said "just because his name's Hasek we should risk losing games by playing him" -- my answer to you is YES, without a doubt. It is a team sport, and the wings have NOT played as well in front of dom as they have in front of osgood. We WILL need dom for the playoffs, ozzy does not have it to carry us through four rounds. Hasek is our man, and Babcock needs to start treating him like it. Work through his slump as a team, the wings need him, and he needs the wings right now.
  12. Where is Darren McCarty?

    Whenever I see one of these threads started, I always think back to Darren's quote immediately after he found out he had been bought out. "I just hope they remember me." By they, he meant Ken Holland.
  13. Where is Mickey Redmond?

    actually, from what I understand, Mickey does almost all of the Red Wings games (including the away games) but doesn't normally do West Coast trips or Western Canada trips. He does probably 90% though. A good rule: If the game starts at 10:00 or later, Mickey won't be doing it.
  14. does anybody else notice the striking physical resemblence of Vladdy in that picture to Danny Markov now??
  15. Playoff hockey to not be televised to some in USA

    I actually remember last spring watching VS and seeing some great coverage on a lot of games. I distinctly remember being impressed by the broadcasts. They had great commercials, great pre/intermission/post game segments, and the broadcasting team of emmerick and JD (now the blues operator) really made the games exciting and interesting. I liked seeing the NHL get serious coverage, and get more than one commercial. One of the few things I do miss from ESPN though are those hilarious Dooger commercials?? Anyone remember those?? haha.