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  1. I guess it's not on that cd. Ugh, I don't know where else to look !
  2. -Sigh- none of those :/ It was from like 94/95 when we had the russian 5. I'm pretty sure it's on that I want Stanley CD*F%3F&GUID=66dfaa9b12f0a47a2f01d621ff8b69b0&itemid=310308347259&ff4=263602_309572 ^where I could buy there... lol but if anyone could find a list of songs on that cd maybe ? Hopefullt it's there !
  3. THat's super possible... I think you should go find it and put it online, lol I can't find it anywherrrre ):
  4. Help. There's some Red Wings song...circa mid-1990s. Lyrics include...something like "Lidstrom kicked some butt and even Ozzie scored a goal"; "We got Koslov Fedorov, Vladimir Konstantinov, Dino, Primeau, Ozzie too, Bob Errey, and Grimson, Stu"; "Scotty Bowman's got the plan, we beat all the other teams...GO WINGS!" I've been searching to find this song for seriously years now... If anyone knows the name of it or has a youtube link I would greatly appreciate it !!!