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  1. I just graduated from NMU and interned with hockey team. Sadly my intern years were two years ago and I don't really go to a lot of games so I cannot offer much on this subject but I am curious as well. Gonna ask a buddy who is a huge hockey fan here.
  2. gdt

  3. I wish you luck. A few of my buddies are in PCB right now and it was like 40 degrees today they said.
  4. The Monster played a damn good game.
  5. Nice shift by Hank there. Lets go Wings! Pavs, Brunner and who else?
  6. GDT

    Lets Go Wings!
  7. I am dying to see Pavs setting up Tatar. Throw Filps in there and you have two guys who can set plays up. I just have a man crush on Tatar and see him being a good scorer for us in time.
  8. Exactly. Great story. Good signing.
  9. I am with you. It isn't the proper time. I just get excited thinking about the possibility. The line would be missing a bigger guy though. Sad part is once those two guys are in the lineup every game Dats will probably be gone.
  10. Am I the only one who wants to see him on a line with Pavel and Tatar? Abby and Cleary aren't the right combo. Not saying Nyquist and Tatar would be at this point but it would be a cool trial period at the very least. Typical of the Wings though to let a player sit in the AHL after fans think he is ready to hit the big leagues.
  11. The obvious inquries to Getzlaf and Perry. I have always liked Semin but he has those attitude issues. If he would come cheap though I would consider it. I too would kick tires on Clowe and Horty. As far as defense goes I would like to keep White if price is right. Whitney intrigues me as well if he comes a bit cheaper.
  12. gdt

  13. gdt

    I have been very excited about what Tatar could develop into. I don't think he is done surprising us yet!
  14. gdt