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  1. Big TV, Big Cap

    Tell me about it! I refer to this place as Mordor (Lord of the rings for the uninitiated) Actually, I will probably be relocating to the Carolinas in the near future. Not exactly a hockey hotbed but def an upgrade from this arm pit.
  2. Ruutu suspended for clean hit on Erat

    Man, this discussion just proves how subjective this whole thing is. In my opinion, the only thing wrong w/ the hit was that it was interference. I can't see how people are calling it blindside. The victim has to bear some responsibility on a play like that as well. Erat should have seen him coming. An the hit wasn't that violent a hit. It was more of a freak injury than anything. There didn't even appear to be direct head contact. While I agree with the decision not to suspend him, the Torres hit was much more of a blindside and much more violent. I think this decision was based on 2 criteria: 1) the history of the offending player, and 2) the resulting injury to Erat, which by that logic, Torres should have got suspended as well. Campell seems to be a confused and schizophrenic on these decisions. There needs to be a board put together that evaluates each hit and votes on subsequent punishment. His bitter rant on the radio the other day proves that he is allowing all the criticism to affect him, and thus he produces these decisions are all over the board. Regardless of what he says, they appear to be very reactionary.
  3. Big TV, Big Cap

    Actually, I used to post on here a couple years ago, I went for awhile without and then I couldn't figure out my login info, so finally I broke down and re-registered......I'm a long time wings fan stuck in NE Ohio ( a NHL waste land where when people find out I'm a Wings fan, they look at me like I have a third eye or something. "hockey? why would you like hockey, when you can root for the Indians, Browns, or Cavs?".....uh, isn't that pretty self explanatory?) I grew up in the most beautiful spots this side of heaven (Traverse City, MI ), now I live in the middle of cornfields and Walmarts.
  4. Big TV, Big Cap

    I know this post is about having fun and dreaming about possible additions, but the reality is that all the other teams will now have the same amount of extra cap space. This is going to make the FA market overly competitive and teams ARE going to overspend for mediocre talent. The Redwings, as constituted have a top five team w/o the luxury of cap space for trade deadline moves. Win or lose this year, I would love to see them bring back the core of this team next year, let all the other teams shoot their wad in free agency, and then come trade deadline, we will have a good idea of where the biggest needs are, and the Wings will have the pick of the litter. Inevitably, there will be small market team who will overpay in FA, and come trade deadline will be looking to dump salary for minimal return. Obviously if Lids retires, that would dictate them at least spending some of that space on a second line D man, with the possibility of picking up another D at the trade deadline.