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  1. Greetings from LetsGoSharks.com

    No worries. I can relate. My unwritten (now written) rules to fandom: 1) never root for the team that bounced yours from the playoffs 2) never buy a pro jersey and put YOUR name on the back of it 3) never wear a jersey for team X to game being played by teams Y & Z 4) never buy cotton candy at a game, unless it's for your 6 year-old son/daughter/nephew/neice that's sitting by your side 5) never stand up, for Christ's sake, while the puck / ball is in play (note: a goal in the net, does not constitute as a puck in play) 6) you may only support a team that is within driving distance of your birth place, or your father grew up rotting for them 7) you must hate with a passion at least one other sports team, preferably the next closest team within driving distance of your birth place. 8) never, ever, throw anything onto the field of play unless it's a hat after a hat trick (I know this will rub some of you marine life haters the wrong way!) 9) paying for a ticket to the game doesn't give the right to be a ******. Behave at a game like you would if your mom was sitting behind you. and finally... 10) never flip allegiances between two teams. It's forbidden.
  2. Greetings from LetsGoSharks.com

    Wings Fans - First, I wanted to extend my congratulations on a great series (and season). Please don't construe this as me rubbing salt in your wound. As a hockey fan, I thought it was a fantastic series. Certainly not the outcome you were hoping for, but entertaining nonetheless. Injuries suck, so losing Cleary and Bertuzzi was tough on your chances. Even with that, last night came down to one goal. Sharks fans have had more than their share of playoff disapointment, so I know how frustrating the day after can be. I also want to extend my thanks to those of you who contributed on LGS. It's nice when you have a group of knowledgeable fans from other teams visit our site. 99% of the visitors we had visit us had great takes. I suspended one account, because a discussion got a little heated, and I felt it was better to simply extinguish it before it got too out of hand. Hopefully there are no hard feelings from that event. We made some new friends who we hope will come visit us on the forums from time to time. I hope Sharks fans (especially those from LGS) conducted themselves in a manner which represented our fan base well. We're all sports fans after all. Here's looking to many more great playoff series between our two teams. The rivalry is establishing itself as one of the best in professional sports. Regards, Mike
  3. Greetings from LetsGoSharks.com

    A few things: 1) I go out of my way to make sure members of this site are invited to LGS because I think it's one of the best forums on the net. Matt S runs what I aspire the LGS forums to be. 2) regarding civility on the forums...I'm in my 40's...I want to talk hockey. I'm all for rivalries and good natured ribbing, but ****** baggery is just a waste of everyone's time. Most real Sharks fans will tell you that they would give an appendage to have the same success as the Wings. 3) If you register, it can take some time for be to get your account approved, because I check the reg system a few times a day. It can be a while, so don't expect instant responses. Oh crap, GAME 2 ON! Good luck. Mike
  4. Greetings from LetsGoSharks.com

    Because then regulars here get pissed off an reciprocate on LGS. I expect more of my community.
  5. Greetings from LetsGoSharks.com

    Red Wing Fans - I wanted to extend an olive branch before the start of the series and wish you the best of luck. I think we're all eagerly waiting to see how it plays itself out. LGW and LGS have been affiliated for several years. Matt S and I published our sites as part of a network for several years with the intent of driving traffic across participating websites. Both our sites are a couple of the oldest on the internet, so I'm glad to see LGW is still going strong. For those that choose to post on LGS, you'll need to register (as is the case here). You'll find the majority of folks on LGS are pretty respectful and good natured, so it's a nice place to talk hockey and get perspective from opposing fans. In any case, I always encourage our regulars to visit LGW AND behave themselves. Most will try and carry their handles over with them, so you'll be able to reconcile folks between sites. If anyone of our regulars gets out of hand here, email me. Douchbaggery here will only incite reciprocation on LGS, and I can tell you that it's a pain in the butt having to deal with such nonsense. I will sanction any one of my regulars who misbehaves here...we all just want to talk hockey! We all look forward to good natured ribbing. The graphics threads are by far the highlight of the year, so bring it! Thanks and good luck, Mike Lee Publisher LetsGoSharks.com