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  1. Walked out the door without my computer this morning. It's gonna be that kind of day.

  2. This my 11th day at OLO and the difference between my drawings from last week to this week is incredible. Talk about a learning curve.

  3. The Red Wings weren't even supposed to make the playoffs. And we came out HUGE especially our young guys. Just imagine what we're going to do next season!

  4. No matter what happens. I will forever and always be a proud Red Wings fan! Hey Hey Hockeytown!

  5. Have fun today but please take the time to remember all the men and women who have served and are serving our country. A special thanks to Jane Krueger! You're my inspiration in life. Thank you for everything you do for me and everything you have done for our country!

  6. I'm May....NOT ok

  7. Moved into Wooster (theater camp) today! And I know its only been a few hours, but I'm pretty certain its going to be an AMAZING summer!

  8. Today I start my summer job and what better way to get ready for that than to spend the morning watching Boy Meets World.

  9. 2222 Party of 2!