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  1. Nah most of the athletes now that look like that are.
  2. Its tonight now depending on your current time zone Too bad its in Pitt, I'd rather Pitt be deprived the celebration on home ice and for SJS to have to endure it on theirs (Im trying to find silver linings). It would be awesome if the Guppies got it to a game 7 and then give up 6 or 7 to 1. Keep in mind I am in Shark territory and I am the most hated minority in this neck of the woods. That may explain my extra extreme hate for them, but if we werent the ones to do it, I want someone that we took a cup off of to do it.
  3. Youre a Sharks homer arent ya? This matchup could be considered Hari Kari for any Wings fan, but you were sporting for them before they got in the Cup.
  4. It took being 6-5 to get more than 3 shots in the 3rd period. They got smoked. But you go and swing on the Sharks nuts, I wont respect you anymore than I have already.
  5. Better team when? They got smoked on just about every metric throughout the whole game
  6. SINCE the Avs.
  7. Excuse me? Youd pick the Sharks, our biggest rival of our Western days since the AVs over a team like TB that has beat us twice in the first round the last two years? Im not gonna argue with you about who should be most hated, but I watched Stevies goal on STL live and not on a DVD or Youtube and remember Pronger and MacGinnis blah blah blah. I just SMH when some one that is a Wings fan would pick the Guppies over TB as a prefered winner.
  8. You gotta be s***ting me. How long have you been a Wings Fan? Thats like saying that youd want the Avs or Blackawks to win it. We have history with all these teams, of them all, I dislike Nashville least, Blues next, TB and SJS and PIT are tied for most hated.
  9. We had the Caps choke on Tues, Stars on Weds and it will be the Sharks today.
  10. It was so-so. The other team was dealing with a turtle and Statue of Liberty problem...
  11. Im at a loss at how they could choke this bad. Any stat monkeys know what the worst loss in a game 7 is? This has got to be trending that way.
  12. Why the hell does he DESERVE a Cup? You EARN a Cup
  13. Screw Ovechkin, hes a much higher scoring version of Kovalchuck; a Russian prima donna that puts himself before the team. I'd respect him if he did something other than sit in one spot and wait to get fed pucks.