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  1. No mention of Ken Holland being replaced? That's really incredible. This team has very limited skilled players and he's the one that did absolutely nothing at the trading deadline and telling the media that "we're happy with our current team!. Sure, Ken........if you're not interested in being a contender. Which they're obviously not. He's both responsible and accountable for the lack of skill on this team. With the exception of maybe a half dozen players, Babcock had little to work with. That was also obvious.
  2. 1/25 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Canadiens 7

    Nobody in their right mind would think that Holland shouldn't make a "major" move before the trade deadline. Certainly not after what the viewers saw versus MTL. An absolute disaster and a definite reflection on Babcock. This was an easy 2 points and what happened tonight would've never happened under Bowman. Babcock is not a good motivator. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Don't ask me how the Wings are in 1st with this guy behind the bench? Helm was the best player the Wings had tonight. Possibly he and Datsuyk were the onoly players motivated to actually win the game. Stuart and Kronwall were both sound asleep. Not to mention "inept" Kindl, Ericsson and Commodore. All "trade bait". Or should be. Ericsson is a definite liability. Too slow, too clumsy, not smart and it almost always shows. Especially tonight. What was Holland thinking with this guy? Kindl will in all likelyhood wind-up back with Grand Rapids. Can't see it any other way. And don't ask me what the acquisition of Commodore was all about? You get what you pay for, Kenny. Obviously, the defense was lost tonight with the absence of Lidstrom and it was quite obvious. Not a good thing. Not at all. Expect a major move or two soon after the All-Star break. chance of a Stanley Cup. Not after what we saw tonight against a mediocre hockey team.
  3. 1/10 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Islanders 5

    Obviously, the Wings don't listen to Babcock and never really have. It definitely showed last night. Certainly not the best motivator and never has been. He always tells the media how good the other team played after a loss to take some pressure off (him). And whatever made him think that Conklin was gonna have two consecutive good games in goal? I think Babcock is way, way overrated as a coach and it's been showing for the past couple of seasons. Of course, he has Holland to protect 'em but Holland isn't anyone to protect anybody. Curious to see what he's gonna do at the trade deadline. I mean really........what has he done lately to improve the team as much as the other GM's in the league have done for their teams? Not much when you think about it. Ian White......okay but what was that Commodore signing all about? And remember..........he let Hossa "walk" and that was a huge mistake. In retrospect..........the Wings aren't gonna win anything this season and probably not in the foreseeable future. Apparently, a change has to be made both behind the bench and "upstairs" as well. The Wings have a winning record attributed to just a handful of talented players and that'll get them just so far in the playoffs.
  4. WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

    Who does Ken Holland think he's kidding with this garbage? Let's face it..........he's done a lousy job compared to other GM's in the league. No money left at the trade deadline and we get stuck with guys with very little hockey skill or they're just plain finished. Modano, Bertuzzi, Osgood, Rafalski, Draper, Miller, Abelkader, Eaves, Salei, Jonathan Ericksson (who, by the way, should be released immediately after the playoffs). He's terrible. What was the purpose of signing these guys? What kind of an investment did Holland make in signing these guys? It definitely showed tonight after yet another loss at home. Not to mention signing Babcock to a 4 year extention??? Probably one of the worst motivators of all-time. Is this guy kidding us or what? Just look at what Yzerman has done in Tampa. Illitch should've let Holland walk and given the job to Stevie. Isn't it obvious? Illitch should step-up and "clean house" immediately after elimination. There's really no other way. Enough is enough.