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  1. OzzieFan30

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day :-)

  3. Training Camp Roll Call

    Commie's head does look big, but it's proportional LOL He's just huge. I took a picture with him at HockeyFest and granted me being 5'2" doesn't help, but I felt like he could've touched the jumbotron!!!
  4. Training Camp Roll Call

    Hey Konnan, no more creepy updates? I was really looking forward to them! I am assuming Hudler must have forgotten all his clothes or the rest of the guys stole them and that's why he was wearing those pink shorts. Please tell me he didn't actually MEAN to wear that. And secondly, the woman that had the giant sign asking Osgood to marry her was NOT me (for the record, I am about as shy as they come) but I was sitting behind her, and saw Ozzie see it, get embarrased about it, and then avoid leaving the bench-side for the rest of the day. How am I ever gonna meet this guy?!
  5. Training Camp Roll Call

    KIIIIIRRRAAAAA!!! We couldn't find you last night, you must have gone out to eat. We pulled in about 8 PM and set up wildly in the dark. At least it wasn't midnight But we ARE here, we DID go this morning, and this IS the greatest thing ever!!!! We didn't see you and your husband at training camp this morning - I thought I saw a woman that looked a little like you but there was no Loki so I didn't go up to her. I was totally looking forward to meeting you Dawn, but I understand why you didn't come. I heard a rumor Toast of Hockeytown is in November this year, maybe we can meet then? Osgood wasn't around today, but I was on serious OZZIE WATCH all morning. There is this prospect named Oslund, that the coach kept calling out Ozzie! and I almost wanted to have a talk with him about how there's only room for one Oz in this town, but my husband talked me out of it. Alright, heading down to Pat's site now to officially meet this crazy Pasha fan!!
  6. Training Camp Roll Call

    Hey you guys! I'm here!!! I'm late, as usual, but I am here and I am coming I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT OZZIE IS THERE. This week is going to go by so slow!!!!! I've been lurking in the Hottest Red Wing forum, but I see why it's been slow - because you are all over here!! I'm staying at the state park, we will be coming in Friday afternoon/evening - leaving Ann Arbor around noon-ish, picking up the trailer we are borrowing at 2 PM in Clifford and heading up from there. I am all for a get together at the park Saturday night, I am SO excited to meet everyone! And Oh My Gosh, Konnan511, your "creepy" updates just make me laugh, so keep them coming! I'll be lurking, I promise! :newbie: a.k.a. Michelle @JoeyMacSuperGrl (anybody on Twitter?)
  7. Happy Birthday Pavel Datsyuk!

    Happy Birthday Pasha!!!! Can't wait to see you at Training Camp!!! I'll be the one who forgets my own name around you...
  8. 2011 Training Camp

    I cannot wait!! The more I think about it the more excited I get! My brother in law is getting married in TN Labor Day weekend so I PRAY that this won't be a big deal to get off work. I think I might catch a case of the "55 Flu" if my request is denied... The current question I have is as follows. On May 9, I saw this post on facebook: "Confirmation has been received... Training Camp has been extended two days. The Wings will be flying in and out of Traverse City to play preseason games in Pittsburgh on 9/21/11 and also London, Ontario on 9/22/11. Keep your eyes on this FB page and on the Centre ICE website (www.centreice.org) for more information on game day morning skates and ticket prices." 1. Does this mean there will be two additional days of AM trainings to have the opportunity to watch? 2. Also, does this impact the day of the Red and White game originally scheduled for September 20? My other question is, do you guys all camp together when you go? I mean, I know you camp at the same campgound, but do you try to get spots close by each other also? That would be fun! If you do, could you "PM me" and let me know the secret spots so I can call the place and reserve one? Thanks!!! :newbie:
  9. 2011 Training Camp

    Awesome - thank you! I will figure out how to PM you, and then I will LOL I called this AM and they said they do still have tickets for every day available, even the big game at the end of the camp!! :banana: I just have to keep checking the website and they do some fax sale thing in June. I will totally keep checking the website, probably a little obsessively . I then called my in-laws and told them we call dibs on the trailer and they should officially plan on dog-sitting during training camp, and they agreed. SWEET! Thank you so much for giving me some tips, my husband and I are SO excited!! OK, well, I might be a little more excited than he is about meeting OZZIE, but still, he is very happy, too!!! It's funny, because we went to Traverse City last year in August for our anniversary and stayed in the Best Western, and we thought how nice it that State Park was and if we ever had a chance to (tent) camp there, we would! Then our in-laws got a trailer last year and told us we could use it whenever we wanted we plan on using that to our FULL advantage this year. Just didn't expect to be making plans this awesome for September!!!
  10. 2011 Training Camp

    He should be stripped of his license plate!! He told me I should give him the stuff he bought from my garage sale for free since he gave me this information... I'm glad he gave me the info, otherwise I would not have joined this group of fans, but if he's really been going for a long time, he must have known the sale already went on!! PUNK. Oh well. Here I am now! I will call Centre Ice tomorrow when they open. Thank you for the info also, WingedHorse, I really pray I can get a few tickets (even if they are not together for my husband and I) it would still be awesome to be there. And Traverse City is beautiful, so it's not like if we miss one day of practice we couldn't find something to do. My inlaws have a trailer, I'm sure I could talk them into letting us borrow it, maybe you guys and gals wouldn't mind showing some new guys the ropes if you've been going so long!! THANK YOU for responding to my plea!! Now I have some hope that I might be able to see Ozzie play HAHA!
  11. 2011 Training Camp

    Hello Fellow Red Wings Fans!!! I have a question for you all... this is going to sound weird, I know. Today I had my first garage sale of all time, and as I was discussing with one of my customers the validity of his "#1 Red Wings Fan" licence plate (LOL!) he told me about his 20-year history going to the Traverse City Training Camp that I did not know average people were allowed to go to!! I thought it was all just media and people who have way more money than I do/ever will! I immediately searched online and found out that I missed the sale!!!!!! I know, I know, you guys that waited all night in what sounds like typical MI spring weather are saying "cry me a river, newbie" but does anyone know if there are any tickets for at least some of the days and the Red/White game at the end of the camp they talk about? It sounds like Centre Ice might have another small sale later sometime? I would just love to see Chris Osgood once in uniform playing! I've been to about 10 games (including my first playoff game 05/06/11!! AWESOME) and never seen him play. It sounds like people can even interact with the players and get autographs?!? I would love to get my jersey signed. But then how would I wash it? Yikes. What do you guys and gals think? If you are willing to all buy tickets for each other, maybe you're willing to give a newbie some advice? Thanks