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  1. pavelpasha13

  2. WANTED- Wings hockey pant, reebok

    been looking every day on ebay. cant find them. there impossible to find. someone help a fellow fan and hockey player out. please
  3. Wings Equipment sale

    Anyone here going to the equipment sale on june 4th? I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, so its gonna be tough for me to get there. I need someone to do a huge favor for me. If your willing to help please reply or contact me. THANKS. go wings
  4. Changes in the offseason

    Maybe theres already been a post on this, but im looking for opinions. Who would you sign come july from the free agent market? Whos gonna even be up for grabs?
  5. Season of change

    Although this season just ended, I am GREATLY concerned about how next years team will turn out. How will kenny Holland do this off season? anyone have thoughts and who might stay for a new contract, or get out for a new team?
  6. yeah you mine as well get homer a lawn chair and some kool-aid, cuz thats where youll always find him. the ONLY time that its good to plant in front like that is on the PP, its like being short handed out there with him in front.
  7. Which conference would you rather have the Wings in?

    WEST! i wouldnt wanna stop kicking chicago's butt every year in the playoffs
  8. Modano

    i think if Mo could have stayed healthy all year, he could have made a big difference in the regular season and playoffs.
  9. Ole-Kristian Tollefsen

    i CANT believe we let go Ville for this guy.. I dont know if it was a salary dump or they thought they were getting a good player? I wish we never parted ways with Ville
  10. Interesting article about possible changes

    Yeah ive noticed way to many times how on most goals.... E was out there and had something to do with it. such a HUGE turnover.
  11. WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

    I have been dying since the end of game 6 for this game to start. lets get it done boys. lets home franzen is up to the challange tonight. If not, im still okay with mikey m playing.
  12. Fan FAIL

    I am referencing to the terrible look of the crowd at a playoff game. But yes, it makes sense now why phoenix is on there way out
  13. Fan FAIL

    so i go to check out the phoenix yotes page to check out their status. the main headline is about the coyotes staying. The picture is the whole phoenix bench cheering at HOME. take a close look at the few "red wings" fans behind the bench? i think its things like this that piss me off. what do you guys think? i couldnt figure out how to just load the picture and im not sure how long the headline will stay, but PLEASE take the time to look at this rediculous FAIL
  14. 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

    hahahahaha these are too epic!
  15. cant believe they pulled it off. here we go game 7!