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  1. CaliWingJuan

  2. Another year another day without my mother on mothers day...i miss you mommy :(

  3. And at the end if the day all you were was a chocolate covered onion trying to pass off as a glorious apple. At first you were sweet but now all you are is nasty and smelly and I ate away at your putrid body. And now I'm just as bad as you are. I can't hide the smell everyone knows. But no more will I be fooled from what's real and what temptation wants me to believe is best for me.

  4. This next week and a half is going to be intense, probably the most intense in my life. But this is my last hope! I know theres a lot of people out there that take pleasure in watching me fail. But if I can learn to read and write in two different languages in two months, at six years of age- then I'm sure as hell I can do this! So for all the haters I only have one thing to say to you...and that is, that I love you. And no amount of hate or suffering will ever stop me from loving you. Cuz li...

  5. I haven't worn a shirt for 32 hours and I wish I can go like that to school tomorrow cuz it feels soooooo goooodd.....

  6. If anybody wants to watch the fight come over 1521 wakebridge dr. Wait like 30 minutes to get here though cuz i still haven't tooken a shower :P

  7. Well...ummm I guess it was a pretty successful night. I got a Beyer drama certificate, a Beyer Block "B" also for drama, and the award for best actor in a supporting role- I did not expect that one..

  8. First time at a midnight premier!! Avengers was so sick!!! I should do this more often lol

  9. "The highest grade in the class again, im so proud of you son!" "you're so handsome, i bet when you grow up all the girls will be chasing you" "the captain and star of your soccer team, and the highest grade in math? no one does that!" "im glad to have you here, you're the only hispanic to take Chinese this year" "you just need to work harder son, you need more endurance you get tired easily and you need to eat more, you're so skinny!" "hey pablo come fix the computer again nerd, i dont know ...

  10. why does every time i drink coffee it makes me pissed off instead of hyper? lol and instead of waking me up it just makes me sleepy and gives me stomach aches...:(

  11. Let these next couple of hours BUUURRRNNNN

  12. Tras meses a veces sigo pensando cuando era tu niño, aquellos besos por el cuello lentamente y con cariño, que me dabas me llenaban de esperanza y de ilusión, sigo recordando el día que murió mi corazón. Recuerdo que mi vida por ti hubiera dado, dudo que exista alguien que te ame como te he amado, nunca te faltó de nada porque todo te lo di quiero dormirme y despertar saber que jamás te perdí. Y aunque me cueste aceptarlo sigues en mi pensamiento, ...

  13. And to think things could have been a lot different had I not been so stupid. All that time I wasted away, I wonder if it will all pay off in the end. They say this is where I am tested to show my strength and overcome this. Maybe my ego is too high to even think about needing to endure it. I'm the dumb ass that got myself into this mess. Deception was looking at me dead in the eye and I tried to fool myself into believing it was real. Well what is real? I've seen a glimpse if it and I want i...

  14. Forrest gump is about to start! I'm finally going to be able to watch it! I must say, today has been quite a good day! :)

  15. Well this is weird. I had nothing to do today so I went for a10 mile run. Mind you this is the first time I've done any exercise in like 6 months but I'm not tired! What kind of sorcery is this?! Anyways, I still want to do something tonight! Lol