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  1. Team needs a complete change in identity.This team is conservative and soft and Holland has become so predictable with his personel moves its laughable.I like the fact the Wings show loyalty to players and front office but its time for some new ideas. Time to get a freewheeling system in place that utilizes the speed of the young guys and some toughness at least as a 4th line that can change momentum and bring the wood when needed. Not gonna happen overnight but Holland and Blashill can go anytime,the same ol same ol just isn,t working anymore and something needs to change and it starts at the top. And I really don't want Stamkos here as a FA given his injury history and I personally don't think he will make the impact others do.Just my .02.
  2. GDT

    Same ol Wings...Been the same lame ass crap for years.
  3. GDT

    X2 on firing Blashill,need some new blood and coaching ideas/system in Detroit along with some much needed grit and toughness.
  4. f*** Buttman and his whole group of morons.Every year he finds more ways to f*** up a once great game.The day he is finally replaed can,t come soon enough.Total BS this suspension is.League is an embarrassment nowadays.
  5. gdt

    Catch ya,ll next season.1 more game and its likely curtains.
  6. gdt

    Well,well what a surprise.
  7. gdt

    Getting ready for game 7.Said before the game they,d lay an egg although not as bad as I thought.At least they made it interesting.
  8. No lead has been safe with this team for years.In a lot of games they finally get that 2 goal lead and you just know minutes later they,ll give one back.I have no confidence in this team protecting a lead for a win until the final buzzer sounds.Just another collapse that has been all too common lately. It still stings but unfortunately doesn,t surprise me.
  9. GDT

    Time for Alfie to step up again.
  10. gdt

    Yep,same ol $hit...How many times does that happen the past few years?Tooooooo many.
  11. gdt

    Tatar is a Beast today,ya just know the Caps gonna get 1 back real soon though.
  12. This.Bertuzzi is done.Been wanting him gone for a couple years now.Simply too slow,especially come playoff time he,s taking up a roster spot on a team that could use some more speed.
  13. Sadly I agree and think this is the year we don,t get in:(
  14. Lol,and rumor has it the Flyers/Pens game was pushed to tommorrow to give Betty time to get there.Heard he,s going to be the quest referee to ensure his Pens get more pp.
  15. Yep,outshoot them all game and then when we need that 1 huge save it doesn,t happen.PP definitely needs to bury one next chance we get!