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  1. Every time I see this thread title I think of Boondock Saints. "Hey! Boris!... WHAT WOULD YOU DO?... If I told you... Your pinko Commie mother sucked so much d**k, her face looks like an egg?"
  2. "Hey Hank, can you get hockey fans to respect me?"
  3. I refuse to acknowledge Jason Williams was ever a Red Wing. Wait, who is Jason Williams? The guy who had the nickname "White Chocolate" for the Sacramento Kings?
  4. Can you imagine how badly the team would have struggled overall to get out of the zone if Smith played with his ridiculous over-handling and indecisiveness? At that point we should probably be thankful for the one point games.
  5. You deserve a junk punch for that. Even if it is a joke. Not cool dude. For some reason I remember that Tatar's shootout stats in the AHL weren't very good but it wouldn't surprise me if I'm thinking of someone else. And they do practice the shootout every now and again to determine who should go in game situations so maybe Tatar hasn't been very good at that in practice either. I'm never afraid to harp on Babs and Kenny for their misuse of Tatar but not in this situation.
  6. Very true. Generally speaking though, Nyquist is one of those players with which it isn't hard to develop chemistry if you're his linemate. He's willing to adjust himself as humanly possible so that everybody can make a good impact. When he plays with lesser skilled players, he knows he'll have to control the puck a lot. When he plays with guys like Jurco he knows he can cycle and move around more. At the college and AHL level he's shown to be very aware of the strengths of his linemates.
  7. It's more like Quincey's fault.
  8. gdt

    I really hate some of these poor excuses for Wings players.
  9. Amongst the dmen, I'm honestly not sure if the secondary players can play any better this year (Quincey, Smith, Lashoff, Kindl). It's just an off to barely average at most type of year for those guys. And then what also sucks is that they don't even have anyone in GR who can do better. It just is what it is.
  10. GDT

    The most significant mistakes aren't so much with the players but rather the "Brain Trust."
  11. GDT

    Same thing he adds every game he plays; a symbol of unfathomable stubbornness and the refusal to evolve or adapt. Thanks a lot, brain trust.
  12. GDT

    Anybody here remember when Mickey said Howie is for sure a Top-5 goalie?
  13. Just out of innocent curiosity what kind of alcohol concoction did you have tonight? I might want to try something after tonight's mess.
  14. GDT

    Dammit Cleary! Hehe.
  15. GDT

    No confidence. At all.