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  1. craigjjs

    Winter Classic Prices Announced

    Tickets are not yet on StubHub, but they are on E-Bay. They are stunningly overpriced, which is no surprise.
  2. craigjjs

    Winter Classic Prices Announced

    According to the STH brochure: "2012-2013 Red Wings Season Ticket Holders and key stakeholders have the opportunity to purchase at least one Winter Classic Ticket Package for each seat on their season ticket account". That seems to indicate that other ticket packages are not guaranteed. I don't know who "key stakeholders" are. Later in the brochure, however, it says "All Red Wings Season Ticket Holders and key stakeholders have first access to 2013 Winter Classic and 2012 Hockeytown Winter Festival tickets." That confuses things a bit. I would make darn sure that you are guaranteed tickets with a 20-ticket package because the guarantee might only apply to full STH's.
  3. craigjjs

    Calder Cup G3, Norfolk v. Toronto:

    Thank you for the link. What a fluke shot!. I grew up in Norfolk with the old Virginia Red Wings in the AHL (yes, a Detroit farm team). It failed some years later and was followed by a series of more minor league teams such as the Sharks. It is good to see Norfolk back in the AHL and doing well.
  4. craigjjs

    Winter Classic STH Information

    The Red Wings have notified season ticket holders that tickets will soon go on sale for the Winter Classic and Winter Festival. They have bundled the Winter Classic with the Great Lakes Invitational and you must buy both. the Alumni Showdown is not part of the package and will be the subject of a future communication. Season ticket holders can purchase one ticket package for each season ticket they own. There will be scheduled purchase time slots based upon seniority during the four-day purchase period. Prices range from $89 to $279 for the Winter Classic. The GLI prices range from $18 to $38. You can sign up for text and/or email alerts for the Winter Classic here:|DET|WC
  5. Control yes, fix no. He is truly a weasel, but I am not giving up one game for him, let alone a season.
  6. craigjjs

    So Who Do You Cheer For Now?

    ABTSFWP Anyone But The s***birds From Western Pennsylvania
  7. craigjjs

    Seat Relocation

    This is my first year as a season ticket holder. I have received my time slot on Monday for the relocation event (in person, not telephone). I was wondering how many people are usually assigned to the same time slot? Is it fairly civilized or should I bring a big stick? I love the Red Wings, but I sincerely hate my seats. Thank you.
  8. craigjjs

    Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium Finalized

    It's not like it's in a different country. I drive from Ann Arbor to Detroit for every game. It's no big deal. How many Red Wings fans actually live in Detroit?
  9. craigjjs

    How WC tickets will be sold

    I am not sure how this lottery will work. The London Olympics lottery required full payment for the tickets to enter, then payments were refunded to the losers. Now, that is an awful way to treat a fan.
  10. craigjjs

    How WC tickets will be sold

    I have seen no indication that UM season ticket holders will have any priority. I am not sure why they should have. They are leasing the stadium to the NHL for $3 million. That's pretty much the extent of the relationship. I wouldn't mind giving priority to UM season ticket holders. Of course, it would be nice if Wings season ticket holders had priority for UM football games. LOL.
  11. craigjjs

    Seating Question

    Thank you to everyone. You have given me information I would not have otherwise had. As for the prices, they are almost the same for riser seats as lower bowl behind the goal. Thank you again. Craig
  12. craigjjs

    Seating Question

    Hi. I am new to the area and have only been to two Wings games. I am trying to decide between possible season tickets. My choice is between lower bowl, row 17 behind goal and Upper bowl riser seats row 3 in Section 206, fairly close to center ice. I am going out there next week to look, but was wondering if anyone had any experience with the riser seating. Thank you.