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  1. Here is the only way I can justify Holland saying this. If people are offering him weak offers like a 5th or 6th rounder and he is trying to squeeze a 3rd or 4th rounder out of someone, perhaps he is just saying he is going to explore an extension as a way to roll up the bet. But sadly I think he is just so convoluted that he may actually be considering extending Smith.
  2. Always good to avoid arbitration. I was worried Holland was losing his mojo. If he is good at anything it is signing restricted players. Although sometimes too high. This is a good cap hit.
  3. He would have prolly gotten 6 in the market if he were unrestricted so I'm happy with a 5 mill cap hit.
  4. People need to settle down. If they go to arbitration my guess is they settle for 3.5-3.8 mill for 2 years. I can live with that and I think both sides will be happy. If we had the money still that we gave to helm and paid him 5-6 mill a year, this site would have had a meltdown also. Let it play out.
  5. Perhaps fans aren't happy about giving up a 1st rounder on a rental just to be knocked out 1st round. But I still see your point.
  6. I figured our front office would be ranked more middle of the pack.....just like our team ends up year after year.
  7. Yea I hate seeing projected lines with him on the top line. He would be much more effective on the 2nd line. He isn't a top guy anymore. Slotting him lower could prolong his career as well.
  8. I have zero problem with Cleary playing in Grand Rapids. The only reason he played as long as he did in the NHL is because he worked harder than those around him. He was never the most talented guy so the younger players can learn from that.
  9. Congrats on a great career Brad! But no I don't think he is HOF worthy. He didn't dominate long enough and only played 15 years.
  10. If the roster stays as is we basically replace Datsyuk and Richards with Nielsen and Vanek. Vanek I think is the wild card. If he has a 20-30 goal season we may be a little better but I'm thinking it's gonna be worse. Datsyuk did so many things that don't show up on the score sheet.
  11. I'd rather see Vanek on Larkin's wing than Abby.
  12. At least Holland isn't signing 4th liners to long term contracts when we need to start infusing more youth into the lineup.........................................................................
  13. Signed

    I guess in Holland's eyes good 4th liners are hard to find 😂
  14. Hopefully we can trade him now. I'd hate losing him for nothing.
  15. In which Howard will get a raise. 😂