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  1. Bettman is the happiest guy on the planet right now. No money in Ottawa/Preds. That being said Go Preds!
  2. Big win for the Griffins! 4-2 to take a 2-1 series lead. Game 4 is Friday at 7 in GR.
  3. Heard he has more ice than Liborace.
  4. Interesting for sure but there are just so many factors that go into success in the NHL. Linemates, roles, confidence level, coaching are just a few.
  5. Barracuda's take Game two 4-2. Series tied 1-1. Back to GR for 3 games. Seeing Mueller reminds me of that trade with SJ. We got Mantha and Bertuzzi for him essentially.
  6. What if they Wings offered 2 of our 3rds to Anaheim for Silfverberg? They are going to lose in him the expansion draft for nothing. Might be better to get something for him and lose a lesser player.
  7. If only "in the running" meant something for us these days.
  8. I remember when this statement used to apply to the Wings. "If the Wings actually wanted those guys, they would be here."
  9. Great cap hit, terrible term.
  10. Kovi just won a championship in the KHL so now he figures why not try for a Stanley Cup. Not why not play for a team in a rebuild. I'd give us a 1% chance of getting him. Trading for a 34+ year old forward in a rebuild doesn't make sense anyway for Detroit.
  11. Don't want Bishop here so I'm glad He was traded to Dallas. Good move for them. I don't think Bishop does much for this team. Hopefully we can trade Howard for a 4th to someone.
  12. Really sucks. Good teams keep getting better with these Euro and college free agents. Pitt, NYR, Chi, Nashville are all killing it in that respect. Back to the draft for the Wings.
  13. Toledo Walleye onto the Conference finals. Our pipeline is looking strong.
  14. Draft bigger guys with more facial hair.