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  1. Well said!
  2. Dude..., just go away if you can't control your emotions, noone here uses this kind of lingo, it is just silly. No more replys for you, so w.e.
  3. Watch out, russian kindergardeners are infiltrating this forum. Using caps to express all the s*** they are full of.
  4. Nice manners, but actually it is rather "s*** HAPPENS"
  5. Babs needs to go, there will be no star additions in offseason, too few players and too many buyers, just play lines consisting of people who have comparable skill and let them develop some chemistry. This crazy bussiness of changing lines all the time must stop, it breaks the team.
  6. Sorry, but cannot agree with this one, Detroit needed a big five, elite 1st line, stormtroopers in this series. Instead Babs waisted Pav trying to make a star out of Cleary or Fransen. Altimately, I agree, games are lost by players, but still... I like Babs, but why could not he be smarter?
  7. Babs, you fool,,
  8. Pavs and Z on the same line with less then 1min to go. Sad...
  9. Actually, Wings are playing a little better now, at least there is some passing now, there is still hope.
  10. Ok, Huds is no longer 1st star, now back to work, boys!
  11. "Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Nyquist should be on the same line" Absolutely!
  12. Gus is back on 3rd line again, is Babs just a random function, panicking, or just not very smart?Also, sorry for a question which might seem a bit phylosophical: are Wings still playing puck posession? Pav is lost in this chaos, no passing, no support, noone open. Hank is a beast though, 2nd line is breaking through, there is still hope!
  13. Hudler for the 1st star! hehe
  14. Let's see what Babs will do. Not changing lines every 5 min I hope, pressing all buttons at once normally does not help.
  15. YES, Raflski would be nice...