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  1. Why hasn't Rick Nash come up at all? He's one year removed from a 43 goal season.. And he's only got two years left on his deal. Kenny might even be able to get them to eat some salary, depending on how savvy he can get.
  2. Current logo is better and has history. This looks like a MLS logo.
  3. Chicago gave the C to a 19 year old. That turned out pretty well.
  4. Congrats. I have been posting here since I was a kid. I am 28 now.
  5. They're already making that one haha
  6. I don't get it... Why is there a lion / gargoyle on it?
  7. mrazek will play to his ability, and take howies job. howie then gets traded for other needs. this is what i'd like to see happen.
  8. Trade Howard if we can get anything decent in return. Mrazek is just as capable already.
  9. gary bettman has ruined the NHL. kill phoenix, carolina, florida, and nashville. then move columbus to vegas if you need a team there.
  10. I'm moving down in August. Is that Iodent you're in?
  12. ken holland june 2014 "we like our team"
  13. I wish Holland had kept his word and retired when Nick did. Bring Steve back in '15 and see where it goes.
  14. I wish this game was on national TV tonight over the Boston / Rangers game.