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  1. 10/12 Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Desert Dawgs | 10 pm ET

    Don't get too excited, we will waste it on a guy that projects as a 3rd line, two way, forward with tons of intangibles.
  2. 10/12 Detroit Red Wings @ Arizona Desert Dawgs | 10 pm ET

    Mike Green is trying to play his way off this team.
  3. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

  4. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Geoffrey Fieger is a badass, just look at how he's posturing in that commercial. Also, hes clearly ride or die if there commercial has taught me anything. He's probably good friends with Gucci Mane.
  5. 10/10 GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Antoine Roussell is a menace. Hence, he's my favorite Dallas Star. Loved that guy every since he crosschecked Boston's McQuaid in the neck for taking a run at him.
  6. Rate our current forward group

    Nyquist with zetterberg and mantha Tatar with Larkin and AA Frk with Neilsen and svechikov Abby with helm and bertuzzi
  7. Rate our current forward group

    Two things, we aren't even icing our best possible lineup (which would have AA, Svechnikov, and Bertuzzi), and so as a result we have two lines which have no realistic shot of contributing offensively. As a result is say our forward lines are trash in their totality. Ice our best lineup and they're probably 12-18 in the league.
  8. Butcher

    Could be worse, you could be like the Wings organization and beat writers who are still "joking" about luring Lidstrom out of retirement. A joke which was funny the year after he retired, but sad when made 5 years later. I think Ken Holland and co. would burn an orphanage to the ground if it meant they could go back in time to 1997.
  9. Butcher

    Like, 15-20 years ago you mean lol. Seem like it was only yesterday...
  10. Butcher

    I feel like the Avs and the Wings are basically the exact same team right now. Hard to believe a player would find New Jersey a more desirable destination than Colorado.
  11. Butcher

    I remember reading that he was probably already a top four offensive defenseman, but that he likely wouldn't be a top pairing guy. But I've never seen him play so I have no insight. He definitely got dragged quite a bit around here though. Then again, they are playing the Avs. So maybe it's that.
  12. Butcher

    Good for him, he definitely had a lot of doubters. But it's only one game.
  13. Athanasiou Rumor

    I read an Athletic article about some new drills that the Wings were doing in practice. Apparently they require you to skate with the puck and make anticipatory decisions. They asked Ericsson how he liked it and he said something like "It's really fun for guys like me who don't really ever have the puck during games". Not a hint of irony. I wanted to cry. Edit: Correction, it was the Free Press and his quote was as follows: “We don’t really do a lot of these things but we do need them in the games,” Ericsson said. “We don’t touch the puck that much in games - we basically get it and pass it, so it’s good to get familiar with the puck a little bit more in different situations, a little bit awkward situations.”
  14. Athanasiou Rumor

    I'm looking back through the game log now, and so far it looks like AA assisted on Vanek's goals just as often as Vanek assisted on AA's. So at best it's a wash. Admittedly, this is only a cursory glance.