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  1. I'd consider it for Fowler or Hamilton, not Trouba. He's not especially good offensively for a "top pair" guy and he already thinks he's a superstar so you know you're going to have to pay him more than he's worth later. He reminds me of another "top pair" guy named Jay Bouwmeester, who was mediocre offensively, got paid like a elite defenseman, and then never improved. Except that Trouba has never topped 30 points in any NHL season. I'd pass and keep my pick. Try to move Nyquist and/or Dekeyser for defensive help.
  2. Nope, March 1st.
  3. My trade deadline strategy is pretty simple. 1. Trade Dekeyser (for no less than a 1st or part of a package). 2. Trade Nyquist (for no less thana 1st or part of a package). 2. Trade Vanek if you get a 1st, otherwise don't and let him continue to mentor Mantha. 3. Trade Ott, Miller, Ericsson, if anybody wants them. If not, waive the forwards. 4. Play remainder of the season with the expressed intent of giving kids developmental opportunities AT THE POSITIONS WE NEED THEM TO PLAY IN. 5. Reassess in the offseason. Z-Neilsen-Mantha Tatar-AA-Vanek Jurco/Frk-Larkin-Abby Glen-Helm-Callahan Jurco/Frk Smith-Green Ouellet-Jensen Kronwall/Ericsson-Sproul
  4. If we aren't going to take a center in the draft (which we should), then keep your pick and look at Tomothy Liljegren. He's an offensive dynamo, and Trouba is overrated.
  5. I think it's important to clarify expectations and definitions when talking about Smith around here, because he seems to be a lightening rod for LGW. Offensive defenseman: A defenseman who scores points, either goals or assists. Our ONLY offensive defenseman is Green, as he is the only defenseman to score regularly. Smith was drafted and touted as a potential offensive defenseman, but he is not. Namely because he's abysmal at scoring points at the NHL level. At this point he's been given plenty of special teams opportunities too, so that can no longer be an excuse. He's just a bad offensive defenseman (never topped 20 pts. in the NHL) and he was expected to be a good one when drafted. Puck Moving Defenseman: A defenseman who is able to retrieve the puck in the defensive zone, advance it quickly, and generate a shot attempt for his team in doing so. Measured via possession metrics for an individual player. Smith HAS excelled in this area. He's quite good (2nd only to Jensen) at getting the puck out of the d-zone quickly and efficiently. His possession metrics have dipped a bit this year, but that's to be expected given how bad the team is offensively. In this area he's surprised, and this is an IMPORTANT area to surprise. Final Analysis: In my opinion the OP is off base a little bit. Nobody has had unrealistic expectations of Smith. He was drafted as an offensive defenseman. He played like one in college and in the AHL. But was unable to develop into one at the pro level. The OP suggested people want Smith to score 40pts. or be traded? Lol. How about score 20pts.? He's just not a natural point producer from the back end at the NHL level. However, not every defenesman needs to score. Some need to play "defense" and the best way to do that IMO is to go back, get the puck, and get it out of your zone efficiently. If I had my way, my entire defense corps would be offensive defensemen AND puck movers. The game is too fast for guys who can't do either (think Ericsson and to a lesser extent Ouellet and Dekeyser). They struggle with the forecheck. If I had my way I'd keep Smith and move Dekeyser. He's got more value, and our defense would be more mobile (and cheaper) next year. I'd then look to bring in a left shot offensive defenseman, and role with something like this... Smith-Green Left Shot Offensive D-man-Jensen Ouellet-Sproul Ericsson (only because he's untradable and Kronwall is going on LTIR)
  6. I guess Koivu and Granlund are theirs, but otherwise it seems like they've largely bought their team. Which flies in the face of the "must build from within" narrative.
  7. The Wild are an interesting team. They signed Parise, Suter, Pominville, Stewart, and Spurgeon. They traded for Staal, Coyle, Dubnyk, and Neiderreiter. So they have any homegrown talent?
  8. He's only -1, so I'm guessing you're exaggerating.
  9. Didn't see the AA goal, what it a beauty?
  10. Yep. This is very true.
  11. And they have at 5 on 5. The difference in their scoring rates has as much to do with our abysmal powerplay as anything else. When it comes to "producing their own offense" they're both about where they've always been. And I think the "Datsyuk" affect is overblown. Nyquist almost never played with Dats, and Tatar only played with Dats predominantly, for a season.
  12. I think maybe people HOPED that Tatar and Nyquist would be stars, but I don't see people holding them to that standard. I think fans are understandably frustrated with the team and so they're hyper-critical. Both Nyquist and Tatar are capable of putting up 50pts., and teams need guys like that to win (provided they're on good deals). That's not a star's level of production, but it's not an unreasonable expectation of either of them. I've always viewed Nyquist as another Ales Hemsky, and Tatar as another Michael Ryder, in terms of their potential. Both are fully capable of that level of production. If you're not getting it, then there's probably something wrong with the coaching because you WERE getting it under Babcock.
  13. I wouldn't trade both. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater? You're still going to need goal scoring next year, and despite people's insistence that they both "suck", they don't. Tatar's a better goal scorer than Nyquist, and givent that he's an RFA coming off a bad year (and injury) he's going to be more inexpensive too. So I'd ideally keep him. Losing Nyquist would suck, because it always sucks to lose guys who can score, but he's a little overpaid and you'd get something quality for him in a package, so that would take the sting out of it a little.
  14. 1. Blashill 2. Dekeyser 3. Nyquist I've prioritized mine based on the impact it will make on the team. Trading guys like Vanek, Smith, and Green is a good idea, but you're only getting picks in return. Getting rid of Ericsson et al., is also a good idea, but you're not getting s*** for them and their impact is minimal to begin with. In lieu of a better option I hire Hitchcock as coach to replace Blash. At least his teams play fast, relentless, aggressive hockey (same thing I've wanted for this team when advocating for Todd Richards). The kids would probably also benefit from his hardass accountability methods while they're developing into full time pro players.
  15. Sure would be nice to have a defenseman with an awesome slapshot for these late game offensive zone faceoffs. But where would we find a guy like that?