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  1. I guess Koivu and Granlund are theirs, but otherwise it seems like they've largely bought their team. Which flies in the face of the "must build from within" narrative.
  2. The Wild are an interesting team. They signed Parise, Suter, Pominville, Stewart, and Spurgeon. They traded for Staal, Coyle, Dubnyk, and Neiderreiter. So they have any homegrown talent?
  3. He's only -1, so I'm guessing you're exaggerating.
  4. Didn't see the AA goal, what it a beauty?
  5. Yep. This is very true.
  6. And they have at 5 on 5. The difference in their scoring rates has as much to do with our abysmal powerplay as anything else. When it comes to "producing their own offense" they're both about where they've always been. And I think the "Datsyuk" affect is overblown. Nyquist almost never played with Dats, and Tatar only played with Dats predominantly, for a season.
  7. I think maybe people HOPED that Tatar and Nyquist would be stars, but I don't see people holding them to that standard. I think fans are understandably frustrated with the team and so they're hyper-critical. Both Nyquist and Tatar are capable of putting up 50pts., and teams need guys like that to win (provided they're on good deals). That's not a star's level of production, but it's not an unreasonable expectation of either of them. I've always viewed Nyquist as another Ales Hemsky, and Tatar as another Michael Ryder, in terms of their potential. Both are fully capable of that level of production. If you're not getting it, then there's probably something wrong with the coaching because you WERE getting it under Babcock.
  8. I wouldn't trade both. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater? You're still going to need goal scoring next year, and despite people's insistence that they both "suck", they don't. Tatar's a better goal scorer than Nyquist, and givent that he's an RFA coming off a bad year (and injury) he's going to be more inexpensive too. So I'd ideally keep him. Losing Nyquist would suck, because it always sucks to lose guys who can score, but he's a little overpaid and you'd get something quality for him in a package, so that would take the sting out of it a little.
  9. 1. Blashill 2. Dekeyser 3. Nyquist I've prioritized mine based on the impact it will make on the team. Trading guys like Vanek, Smith, and Green is a good idea, but you're only getting picks in return. Getting rid of Ericsson et al., is also a good idea, but you're not getting s*** for them and their impact is minimal to begin with. In lieu of a better option I hire Hitchcock as coach to replace Blash. At least his teams play fast, relentless, aggressive hockey (same thing I've wanted for this team when advocating for Todd Richards). The kids would probably also benefit from his hardass accountability methods while they're developing into full time pro players.
  10. Sure would be nice to have a defenseman with an awesome slapshot for these late game offensive zone faceoffs. But where would we find a guy like that?
  11. This is weird. I'm not proud to say this, but a couple of games ago I watched Ericsson throw the puck up the sideboards, blind, and turn it over for about the 3,000,000th time and I thought to myself, "why doesn't HE ever get hurt?". And then he did. It was purely out of frustration at having to watch him needlessly throw the puck away over and over and over. Now, I'm not saying I am or am not happy about this. But I am saying that I've probably got superpowers.
  12. I legitimately thought that without Roy these guys would be really good this season, predicted they'd make the conference finals (yikes!) in the bold predictions thread. That one is smarting right about now.
  13. The point is that we had a better powerplay with the same, or worse, personnel. Which implies that it's the system/coaching that's the issue. It's not like we're mentioning it for kicks. It seems to suggest that our PP COULD be good with who we have now. You know, critical thinking, drawing reasonable conclusions from the evidence available, etc.
  14. Literally every player has gotten worse under Blashill. Sheahan is just an easy target. When your powerplay goes from 2nd in the league to the bottom, and all your players offensive numbers decrease dramatically, it's probably a systemic issue. Sheahan's definitely not playing well, but the level of scapegoating around here is pretty intense.
  15. It always makes me laugh when I see how much grown adults hate Justin Bieber. Like people genuinely loathe a 22 year old kid for basically no reason at all. Sure he's douchey, but so is basically every celebrity. Fair play to Bieber for getting out there and trying. Kid's a hockey fan, clearly. It's maybe the only thing that all of us have in common with someone like him and people DESPISE him for it. I genuinely hope I don't end up being some miserable, 50 year old cynic, sitting around hating on kids one day. It's also reassuring to see that Chris Pronger hasn't changed as a result of his injuries. Despite all adversity he's still willing to run much smaller players into the boards from behind. Kudos Pronger, still a class act.