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  1. This one's done. 4-2 empty netter by our old friend Barclay Goodrow...
  2. I've been impressed with Sambrook in the few games I've seen. I've only seen one game of Cholowski with the Griffins a few weeks ago, and he looked decent for his first game pro. I've seen a few of both Hronek and Saarijarvi and I like what I see with both. I agree that Hicketts should be in the discussion as well. He's probably the defenseman I'm highest on in the system. Kid comes to play every night, and is an absolute warrior. No one tell him he's only 5'8", because I'm sure he has no idea. Plays like he's 6'4", and hits like a ton of bricks. I thought that might come to a halt once he turned pro, but if anything I think he's become even more aggressive and uses his body more. It will be interesting to see if he's able to play the same game in the NHL though... Again though, I'd be surprised if any become top pair at the NHL level, and completely shocked if any become a legit number one...
  3. NM
  4. I just watched the first period without audio... If anyone knows of a stream with working audio, hit me up. Thanks!
  5. Round 3 starts tonight! Unfortunately I missed most of the 2nd round because I was down south. Can't wait for this one. Go Griffins!
  6. I don't know about that... For me anyway, and I know some others as well, seen it more as Sproul being the only guy with top pair potential. Ouellet and Jensen as bottom 4 guys and Marchenko as a bottom pair guy. And honestly, not much has changed for me, except for Sproul, unless he can get out of Detroit... I see all as middle pairing guys at the NHL level. Maybe one might surprise and become and solid number two, but I highly doubt any develop into the stud number one we so badly need.
  7. No, I don't see him as a number one. More of a DeKeyser type, middle pairing guy. Why does left handed matter though? We're loaded with righties. Green is the only player that can be considered a top pair guy, and he's a righty. We also have Jensen, Sproul, Russo and Hronek, Saarijarvi, Sambrook and McIlrath in the pipeline. Handedness shouldn't be too much of a priority, but the way things are shaping up, I'd almost prefer a lefty for the top pair...
  8. This! Larkin and Mantha are on my "untouchable list"... Of course I'd trade both in a heartbeat for Scheifele and Seguin, but that just isn't going to happen. There is not a single player in the league that is "untouchable" in the true sense of the word (even McDavid), but when talking realistic trades that actually could happen, there absolutely should be "untouchables".
  9. I've never said Smith was "untouchable". I never even said that he was a top pair defenseman, just that he had top 4 potential. He reached that potential. He is a top 4 defenseman. Jurco was extremely misused here and I believe that stunted his growth and he never got back on track. Maybe he became exactly what he was going to become, a complete bust. Whatever. You're right though, I do like certain players, and there are players that I'd like us to keep / go after. You base your opinion solely on stats / numbers? You completely block out any personal bias? That's impressive, you'd make a great GM. I'm a fan. I do fan things. You get upset when people do fan things... By the way, I never once said that I would part with Svechnikov or Mantha or anyone else. I would have to think long and hard about it, but it would be a tough decision for sure. I would like to use one of Nyquist or Tatar or literally any defenseman in our system in a trade for a top pair defenseman. I've also mentioned several other defensemen I'd love to go after, and said it's very unlikely we have a shot at Trouba, so don't act as if I'm saying it's Trouba or bust...
  10. Why would we spend time talking about players that haven't been rumored to be available though? There are 30+ defensemen in the league better than Trouba that no one ever mentions because there is literally zero chance any of them get moved. The reason people talk about Trouba so much is because he's a local kid that would love to play for his hometown Red Wings. He was unhappy playing in Winnipeg (maybe that has changed), and there is a good chance that when he becomes a free agent, he would look long and hard at Detroit as a possible destination. Of course people "want" the best defensemen, but the best defensemen just aren't available. If Orlov were being shopped, of course people would want him. Do you think because people keep bringing up Trouba, they think he's a top 10 defenseman in the league, and would choose him over Karlsson, Hedman, Doughty, etc? Hell no. It's simply because even though it is very unlikely, there is an ever so slight possibility we could pry him out of Winnipeg. There's zero chance we could ever pry any of the aforementioned defensemen out of their respective cities. But for what it's worth Trouba >>> Orlov & Shattenkirk. If for no other reason, age.
  11. Two of the best teams in the league at drafting / developing defensemen... Coincidence?
  12. What it would cost to get Landeskog definitely wouldn't be worth it for us. Not to mention the fact that left wing is basically our only area of strength (aside from goaltender).
  13. Who wants to "draft non-impact players and sign ECHL equivalent players" and what players are you talking about???
  14. Foote for me.
  15. Preds steal game 1!