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  1. Hell No! Trading Mrazek would be dumb in my opinion, and regardless of what Mick said, Holland definitely isn't shopping him. No way do you trade a goalie with Mrazek's potential, unless it's straight up for a young, number one defenseman (and that's not happening).
  2. Ott is a better hockey player, and is on a better contract - one year, close to league minimum, you know, the way 4th liners should be paid. Glendening is way overpaid, both dollars and term, and is not a very good hockey player. I wouldn't have either on my team, but if I had to choose, it would be Ott every time...
  3. No. We already have a huge logjam on D. All of which are better than Marchenko, including a couple others in Grand Rapids.
  4. Very solid game for Smith, Vanek and Ott, which bodes well for the upcoming trade deadline... hopefully. Great game for Mrazek, and the Mantha - Zetterberg - Tatar line is looking dangerous every shift.
  5. I'm not too worried about Larkin. Virtually every player on the team (aside from Zetterberg) are "slumping". Larkin will be fine. You know who else is in his "sophomore season"? Jeff Blashill...
  6. 5 years ago, I wanted Hanzel on this team, now, not so much. Hanzel is a very good hockey player, but not at all what a rebuilding team should be looking for, especially as a deadline acquisition. I'd consider acquiring him in the offseason, if we didn't already have a ton of vets signed long-term. We really need to start getting younger, and Hanzel doesn't help in that regard. Hard pass for me as well.
  7. Yeah, pretty much exactly this for me as well. Oddly enough, the one I have the biggest problem with, is the one that is hurting us the least cap wise... Glendening. I think that was a terrible contract to hand out, both way over on dollars and term. But whatever, this team shouldn't have too much trouble offloading any of these contracts, and like has been mentioned, most of the bigger ones are due to be up, by the time the kids are due for their first big raises.
  8. I don't believe they're tanking in the general sense. I think if Holland, Blashill, Zetterberg, and every single player, thought it was likely this team could go on an insane run, make the playoffs and pick 20th+, they would without a doubt go for it. I just think reality has set in that there's virtually no way they're going to pull it off. Realistically, they'd have to win 18-20 of the 24 games remaining (or 36-40 points). Unfortunately, that's simply not happening with this team. I do believe that coaching and management have turned their attention more toward developing this team for the future, rather than winning now. If they get their highest pick in a quarter century in the process, great. I just wish they would give Jurco and Sproul more of an opportunity while they're at it. I just refuse to believe that they don't see either of these guys as pieces to their future. I'm really hoping they trade Vanek and Smith (at the very least) over the next week, to make room for them...
  9. I think you'd definitely have to think long and hard, but I'd have a hard time pulling the trigger on that trade straight up. The two hardest (most important) positions to fill in hockey are number one center and number one defenseman, and I think both Larkin and Trouba will get there in their respective positions. Larkin is the only guy in the organization with 1C potential in my opinion, and I'd rather overpay in other areas than give up a 20 year old with that ceiling. I still think (hope) a deal surrounding Tatar / Nyquist, high end prospect / high draft pick could be enough to get it done, closer to the expansion draft... Winnipeg may be perfectly fine going the 8 player, 1 goalie route, and protecting 4 defensemen and 4 forwards, but there's a reason most teams would prefer to go with 3 defensemen, 7 forwards, 1 goalie, it allows protection of 2 extra players. If the Jets go the former, they will likely lose a young kid like Dano, Lowry or Armia. None are likely to be huge losses, but moving a defenseman (Trouba) prior to the draft, while gaining valuable assets would allow them to protect more players. They would then be able to protect their other 3 defensemen, plus an extra 3 forwards, including one they could potentially gain in any trade...
  10. I agree with Dickie here, and I've said the same thing in the past as well. The great Hakan Andersson is still considered a genius for all of his great picks in the later rounds in the past, but he hasn't really had any big time steals since Zetterberg back in '99... For every one decent NHLer since then, there have been a dozen complete busts. I'm not (and I don't think Dickie is) trying to take anything away from what Hakan has done in the past, but to act like he is some guru that pulls elite talent out of the late rounds every single year, is way off. For me, it's just an annoyance hearing people say, "we should have at least gotten a 7th rounder for 'him', so Andersson could work his magic"... I'm still hopeful that Holmstrom or Elfstrom develop into solid NHLers, but that's what I see as their ceiling, nothing more than "decent"...
  11. I don't think you think highly enough of Trouba, or what he would bring to this team... All his numbers point to him being a legit top pair defenseman, right now at the age of 22, and he will most likely develop into a true number one within the next year or two. Trouba would instantly be our undisputed number one (I know, not saying much on this team...), he logs a ton of minutes, can run a power-play, kill penalties, hits, blocks shots, clears the net-front, and drives possession. What are the chances we get anything close to that in this years draft? I'd say slim to none. Sure, Liljegren could develop into a good offensive defenseman, maybe he even becomes a top pair guy, but I highly doubt he will become anything close to a well rounded player like Trouba.
  12. This. Exactly why I'd prefer one of Patrick, Vilardi or Tippet over Hischier, Necas or Pettersson...
  13. I don't think a late first and a "lower level player" would be enough to land Trouba, but I'd definitely do the late first and a higher level player and / or prospect... Late 1st plus Tatar / Svechnikov. Imagine adding Trouba and Patrick / Vilardi this summer...
  14. Yeah, it's a no-brainer for me, I'd take Trouba every time in that scenario. I'd even strongly consider it if the trade were made after the draft lottery and we won the top pick. Not saying I'd do it for sure, but I'd definitely have to think long and hard about it. I don't think Nolan Patrick is going to be an absolute stud, certainly nowhere close to the level of McDavid or Matthews, and he probably fits closer to a player like Hall (although a center), maybe even Nugent-Hopkins or dare I say, Yakupov... And look what Hall was traded for last year, and Trouba is light-years ahead of Larsson. I think Patrick's potential is about the same as where Trouba is at now in his development, and I still think Trouba has a ton of room to grow. I guess it just depends what you value more, the number one center, or the top pair defenseman? We need both, but I think we have a bigger need for the top pair (number one) defenseman.
  15. I know this wouldn't be a popular decision, but I'd consider trading the pick, either for an immediate upgrade to the roster, or trade back for another pick. I'm just still not really sold on Liljegren... Trade back a few spots and take Tippett, while adding another 2nd rounder, or trade back 10-15 spots and take Foote, while adding another late first...