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  1. We don't need any more bottom 6 wingers. I doubt we trade Sheahan, but even if we lose him in the expansion draft, we shouldn't be relinquishing assets to add a bottom 6 guy. Either fill that spot internally (Bertuzzi / Nosek / Frk / Callahan) or sign a free agent. No thanks on Anderson.
  2. McPhee has already mentioned that he is willing to take on some bigger contracts for assets in return. Being an expansion team with literally nothing in the pipeline, they will be looking to add as much as they can in the way of picks / prospects. I'm really hoping Holland takes full advantage of this and offers up a 3rd and / or a mid-tier prospect to get them to take a bad contract off our hands. If we wanted Vegas to take Howard, I really don't think it would take a whole lot of convincing to do so. Ericsson would maybe be a little more difficult, but could likely be done as well. This should prove to be a very interesting offseason, with the expansion draft, having our first top 10 pick in over a quarter century, and the playoff streak no longer a thing. It's time for Holland to prove he's still got it, and pull of some big moves to get this franchise turned around and headed in the right direction again. If he can somehow rid this team of at least one bad contract, land a top pairing defenseman via trade (without mortgaging the future), and make some smart picks at the draft, landing at least one stud center / defenseman, I think everyone would consider this offseason a major success. It is possible to do all of this in one offseason, and if he somehow pulls it off, I think he can get the franchise on the fast track back in contention.
  3. Really finding that hard to believe...
  4. I agree, if they were same price (term / cap hit), but I'd much rather re-sign Green to another similar contract (2-3 years at $5.5-6M) then sign Shattenkirk to the contract I expect him to sign (6-7 years at $6.5M+).
  5. I was one of the people that said he won't ever make the Wings and we shouldn't offer him a contract after this season. I have to say though, I've been mildly impressed with his play in these playoffs. The thing that has surprised me the most is his skating. Not because it's great, but because it's not terrible. When I read his scouting report on eliteprospects, "A large and physical defenseman. Not a very good skater. Has a good shot from the blue line. Needs to improve his skating." I naturally thought he would be an awful skater. He's not noticeably slow out there, and he seems to position himself well. He is a wrecking ball, hits everything that moves, and won't back down from anyone. Although I'm not a huge fan of the big, slow defensemen, I think it's okay for every team to have one as a 6/7. So if we can somehow move Ericsson, I'd take McIlrath in a similar role at $1.5M over E at $4.25M. I still don't think he's deserving of a spot over a number of other guys out of the gate next season, but I'd offer him another two-way contract with him continuing to play big minutes in Grand Rapids. Worst case scenario, he's a solid warrior to help the kids in GR, and maybe he becomes another Lashoff type player. And Lash has been great down there.
  6. Svechnikov! Haha McIlrath is a wrecking ball.
  7. Frk on the breakaway, 4-1!
  8. Defensive defensemen are a dying breed, and I just prefer more offensive minded defensemen. I value speed and skilled guys over big and slow guy on the blueline.
  9. Nosek! 3-1! Griffs putting on a clinic.
  10. I'm with you man. Been to Detroit half a dozen times over the past 10 years, but have never been to a Griffins game. Definitely making the trip next year when I go to the LCA.
  11. Tangradi with a beauty. 2-1 Griffs!
  12. It's all Griffins. Keep it up boys!
  13. No thanks.
  14. Yeah, I'd like to see us (if we end up with 11 picks) take 5 defensemen and 5 centers and maybe one winger (forwards preferably right handed). We don't need to draft any goaltenders this year. I'm still hoping Holland will get creative in the expansion draft and offer Vegas a pick or two for them to take a specific player (Howard or Ericsson). I doubt that happens though, and you're probably right on losing one of those, although I wouldn't be surprised if Ouellet is one of the protected defensemen. Yeah, Marchenko is a Leaf. When I mentioned the 4 of them, I was referring to the logjam we had over the last couple seasons, and that being the reason we lost Marchenko to Toronto. Just saying if we're not careful, we could end up in a similar situation in 2-3 years and lose one of the others to waivers as well.
  15. Yeah, I'd be shocked if it goes any less than 6 games. No way will Pittsburgh sweep them, even without Johansen. Unfortunately I don't see Nashville winning the series, but it's definitely a possibility with their tight defense and great goaltending. Expect to see some low scoring games, hopefully with the Preds coming out on top...