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  1. But he gave up a third rounder, so he must believe what he's saying or he wouldn't have made the trade... and quite frankly, I think he's right...
  2. There's no guarantee Shattenkirk would sign with us after the trade though, and then we lose a lot of quality assets for what? A month of Shattenkirk? No thanks. And really, why would this years top free agent want to sign with a rebuilding team? I think regardless where he is traded at the deadline he will test free agency this summer, which is exactly why teams are so reluctant to pay such a high price for a rental.
  3. I think it's a lot more likely that Jurco turns it around in Chicago, than anything in the 85-90 range becoming an impact NHLer. Jurco never did get a legit shot here and he likely never would, so I guess in that sense it's a good trade. I just wish as a rebuilding team we would trade off some of the older players, not the 24 year old kid...
  4. Love Jurco, wish he was given more of an opportunity in Detroit. I think he will prove to be well worth the pick for Chicago.
  5. Yes I am "for real". I see a ton of potential in him, so yes that would lead ME to believe 30 points is attainable.
  6. If he gets regular ice time, I don't think 30 points next year is at all out of the question. Kid has the skill, just needs the opportunity. I think the Hawks are smart enough to give him that opportunity.
  7. Not going to lie, really disappointed to lose Jurco. I think he will do really well in Chicago. Good Luck Jurco!
  8. I'm okay with this. I don't think he has been as amaze-balls as some here seem to think. I'd like to either sign another guy on a cheap, one year contract, similar to Vanek and hope he exceeds expectations, and flip him at the deadline for pick(s) / prospect(s), or just go full on youth movement. Regardless, Vanek MUST be traded at the deadline to the highest bidder.
  9. Nah, I wouldn't do it unless we can offload both Ericsson and Howard. Otherwise, I'd let another team overpay for him...
  10. I personally wouldn't offer him anything more than what Green is currently making, maybe tack on a couple extra years... $30M over 5 years...
  11. The problem with that is, it would have to be a sign and trade, and those rarely happen. Unless he is under contract beyond this season, I want no part of a trade involving Shattenkirk, and even then, I wouldn't give up too much...
  12. 23 year old stud defensemen don't usually get moved regardless whether they're on a good team or bad team. The thing that might make it a "little" easier acquiring Trouba, is that he has shown in the past that he was unhappy with the organization and his usage, and that Winnipeg may want to move one of Trouba or Meyers before the expansion draft, to allow them to protect two extra players. Although I think it's highly unlikely that Trouba comes to Detroit, I'd say the chance of him being moved (somewhere) in the next year are MUCH higher than Ekman-Larsson or Hamilton...
  13. Why would we give all that up for a pending UFA? Shattenkirk will in all likelihood test free agency. Why not make the two trades you suggested, keep the picks and go after Shattenkirk this summer? If we gave up any assets, let alone any of Larkin, Mantha or Athanasiou for a month of Shattenkirk this place would implode... That's the sort of trade a Cup contender makes, not a team in contention for the number one pick...
  14. I agree that it's unlikely, but what makes you so sure? If it were up to him I think Detroit would be his first choice, being his childhood team and all... Didn't you just say a few days ago that we should go after Ekman-Larsson AND Hamilton?... But going after Trouba is out of the realm of possibility right?
  15. Ideal scenario for me would be to trade Smith to a contender for a 3rd round pick, and let him know that if he wants to come back this summer, and we're able to alleviate the log jam and free up cap space, we will talk then. Work out a deal in the summer with Vegas for them to take Ericsson in the expansion draft. I'm not sure what it would take, maybe a mid round pick would get it done? Ericsson isn't a terrible defenseman, and he will help them reach the cap floor. Kronwall goes on LTIR. We make some sort of trade to bring in that coveted number one defenseman (Trouba). Our defense then looks something like this... DeKeyser - Trouba Smith - Green Ouellet - Sproul / Jensen