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  1. Markstrom Looking Good

    Check out the article:|NHL|home didnt we have the chance to get him awhile back? Markstrom sounds familiar
  2. I could have made it to the NHL!

    I'll let you guys know what holds me back in the future. I'm 17 years old playing 18AAA hockey. After D1 College comes around, I guess It's only time to find out. I have the size ( 6'2 175 lbs.) and I have the skill. But the odds are stacked against me. My knees have always been bad, and Ive had more than one disease diagnosed in them. Adding to my knee injuries Ive broken my wrists 7 times, and have had 5 concussions. I have scars all over my face from sticks and having to get stitches. I would love to be able to reach the NHL, but with my injury history, it's likely teams would be scared to take a shot. Despite size and skill :/
  3. Ryan Shannon?

    What do you guys think about a Ryan Shannon signing? He has tremendous speed, similar to a Helm. Though Helm can never be replaced because I think he is an all around player who works very hard, Shannon can bring some speed that I believe the wings can use.
  4. Why not Jamie Langenbrunner?

    Langenbrunner has slowly declined with talent in the past 5 years, I would love for us to wait around for the right player than take a gamble on a declining player. He does have good hands, but speed, toughness, and youthfulness are in question.