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  1. Only thing is hasn't he not played a while lot of nhl..just hoping he hasn't lost what he had..
  2. Lol drunk after a day like this lol
  3. Lol I think hey going with ozzy...not good wings needto do somthing quick...get a d a someone cheap but good on off At this point I'd be happy with kaberle..that's sad..but it might make hudler play better
  4. Lol I only wish he did Stuart also
  5. yes I am not a happy camper...this was a disappointing day
  6. How much we got left salery wise
  7. Are we even looking for a top four d or is holland stratified
  8. Not sure what to think of the wings not looking good
  9. Lol...i can hear it already come trade deadline...we won't be making any moves again this year...we were really focused on signing a s***ty defense man for more than he..our anything he owns is worth...
  10. Waste of money...
  11. Ok..what does everyone want...I'm getting al lot of mixed reactions...I'm like eh...
  12. Lol to funny
  13. That s*** would be funny tho
  14. Don't think there will be an answer today..been waiting all day