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  1. kiwi wingnut

    kiwi wingnut

  2. kiwi wingnut

    6/23 GDT - 2018 Entry Draft (Rounds 2-7)

    Zetterberg can retire whenever he damn well wants to.
  3. kiwi wingnut

    Detroit Right Wings

    I think that excluding maybe Scandinavia & central/east Europe, very few people globally outside of the hockey community would even know the Red Wings logo. The world wide coverage came regardless, what with a killing and all, along with the orange haired tweeting man. could some explain though, why are they using the logo in the first place?
  4. kiwi wingnut

    Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    My hope: Tatar gets 4.8m in arbitration. Proceeds to play lights out for us. Tatar gets traded pre-deadline to the Penguins, for their 2018 1st Penguins miss the playoffs, win the lottery. My dread: Tatar gets 5.1m in arbitration. Proceeds to play lights out for us. Kenny gives him a 6yr/6m extension We continue being 20th to 25th in the league, never winning the lottery. I'll keep hoping all the same - nothing wrong with misplaced positivity!
  5. kiwi wingnut

    Tatar, Athanasiou, and XO's new deals

    Well mine would be happy, because like Tatar, I am a contractor and that's the nature of contracting. But if I said it in a "I semi-resent having to fulfill this year of contracting while I wait for my (perceived) big payday that someone else will give me next year" sort of way, then that would be pretty unprofessional.
  6. kiwi wingnut

    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I can't recall exactly, was Nosek undrafted? Wouldn't a mid-round pick be just as likely to be Nosek or better, than not? Genuinely unsure, just asking. Also, I reckon post expansion draft Mrazek becomes infinitely more tradeable. Up till this point any other team if they traded for him would have had to protect him. Which current starter is he that much of an upgrade over? Post draft - teams looking for a tandem or a backup could take a swing on him.
  7. kiwi wingnut

    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    would you pay a mid-round pick to PROTECT Nosek? Because in that case the price is the mid-round pick AND Mrazek (or whoever else they decided to choose). Or are you suggesting you would pay a mid-round pick for them to take a particular player? Look at who you'd want them to take. They would need a hell of a lot more than a mid-round pick to take the players we need to get rid of.
  8. kiwi wingnut

    Red Wings Expansion Draft Protected List

    I must be the only person alive who is fine with Howard being protected? I fully get the arguments around asset (mis)management, but I think there is a whole human element not being mentioned or discussed. Howard came off a pretty bad season, worked his arse off, came back a much better player, held teams to zero goals over 60-65mins, while his team failed to score in front of him. And no complaints the following game he'd come back with more of the same. If I was his team-mate I'd have a truckload of respect for the man and his attitude, likewise if I was his boss. To me he has earned the right to be protected, especially looking through a lens of respect and integrity. Meanwhile the young kid with all the potential in the world, lets in 3-4 goals a game, and calls out his team-mates for not scoring enough? Who would you rather had your back when it came to the crunch? As stated, I agree not a good move in terms of asset management. But do we all forget that these are people & not just assets? That when they earn the respect of the peers, and management, they deserve it in return? I hope we keep Mrazek, but if we don't it ain't the end of the world. I'll still be cheering my damned team on.
  9. kiwi wingnut

    Targets for the Wings

    Aren't these our Manthas, Larkins, Schevnikovs, Athanasious? Are they wasted picks?
  10. kiwi wingnut

    1/24 GDT - Red Wings at Bruins - 7:00 PM EST

    Weird, that is what I hear every time some says "Ericsson".
  11. kiwi wingnut

    1/12 GDT - Red Wings at Stars - 8:30 PM EST

    Patrick Eaves has more points than Larkin, Nyquist, and Tatar. How in the hell...?
  12. kiwi wingnut

    11/20 GDT : Calgary Flames 3, at Red Wings 2

    I must be right out of market in New Zealand, I can see all the games on game centre. Only downside is they're usually during work hours, so I rely on you guys for commentary. Oh and the 20 hour flight and a few thousand bucks if I fancy seeing a live game...
  13. kiwi wingnut

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    You'd happily put that line out for a D-zone start at an away game, knowing the home team have last change?
  14. kiwi wingnut

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Well - there would be scoring. This much is true.
  15. kiwi wingnut

    11/29 GDT : Florida Panthers at Red Wings, 2:00 EST

    Tomas Jurco = -1 Anderson out = loss. Gustav Nyquist = -1 Pulkinen out = loss. Mike Green = -1 Smith = loss. Kronwall = -2 Lashoff in GR = loss. many permutations to this fun game, all of them dumber than cement.