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  1. I agree, but I do think NSH is the only team right now that can beat PIT.
  2. Only team I think that can beat PIT now is NSH. They have a great goalie with pretty much the best group of Dman you could ask for. Along with being fairly deep at forward and pretty good coaching. I just can't see EDM, ANA or OTT beating the pens. Sad face.
  3. I'd rather stay away.
  4. The BlackHawks getting swept in the 1st round almost makes this season worth it now. All I hoped for during the playoffs this season was for CHI not to win the Cup. Talk about having your cake and eating it too lol... We should give PETA a call...
  5. I was mainly just wondering if I missed something. A friend of mind has even said Eichel has said it before. I ask when, but didn't get much of an answer.
  6. I may of skipped over it, but I didn't see any where Eichel said "won't re-up if Bylsma remains coach". Or anything close to that... Click bait?
  7. Ideal of keeping Sheahan makes me sick... but I get it : /
  8. I love it.
  9. (Holland, Yzerman, Babcock, Nil and Bowman) so I feel as if the Wings future is in good hands. Ahh... the good days.
  10. Yea I dropped a post about something like this before. About how even when a team is bad in any sport it can still be watchable. But you need a player or two that can bring you out of your seat, or the team needs to play a brand of style that is fun to watch. The Wings have none of that. They play a boring style of hockey and have no one worth the price of admission yet alone worth our time watching. Watching Z carry this team on his broken back isn't fun either. Our young top players are at best, filler top 6 role players in my opinion and have not proven otherwise to be better. Sadly... I keep watching, because I like the pain...
  11. What if the Wings never moved to the EAST? I don't think we make the playoffs in 2013 or since in the WEST. I wonder if we are in the running for the likes of McDavid, Matthews,Laine, Eichel. I doubt Datz resigns and goes home early like he wanted. I wonder if we are at least at the middle or delaying the rebuild. What do you guys think happens if we never leave the WEST?
  12. Who cares, we play them what 2-3 times a year now? Post this in some CHI bandwagon forum where someone cares.
  13. First time you really hear the fans boo at the Joe in a long time. NBC gotta talk about how spoil wings fans are. Can't stand NBC
  14. It's crazy to think how many good players BOS has traded or left over years honestly. Wheeler a beast.