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  1. I liked when Hudler ran over him a couple years ago against the sharks in game 7. really underlined how that game went...
  2. gdt

    wow people are saying it's time to put Cleary in???????? It's only 3-1!!!! jeez the difference in this place between winning and losing
  3. gdt

    Well it only took 2 games but I absolutely hate Lucic now
  4. 15 more to gooooooooooooooooo!!!! enjoy the ride
  5. I feel very comfortable when any player on the team has the puck except for: Kindl makes me feel iffy Smith makes me think "here comes something very good or very bad" Quincey makes me cringey
  6. uhhhhh they're playing so good but they need to score................... Helm really wants that one deke to work a lot. Boys gotta hit the net!!!
  7. Signed

    Always nice to see a success story. Hopefully he keeps up the good work!!
  8. It was just so exhilarating!!!
  9. gdt

    i have a feeling those 2 points are going to come in very handy in a couple of weeks time
  10. gdt

    prettty close call but initially i thought it was puck first tbh
  11. gdt

    Smith did pass it tape to tape to Koivu, to be fair
  12. gdt

    Nyquist I wanna have your babiesssss
  13. GDT

    well not 2 days ago ... sorry