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  1. Yeah! I'm one of the first #Spotify users in the U.S. I've got some invites to share. Check if you can get Spotify too:

  2. Minnesota was a different situation. Anything but the Jets is wrong for Winnipeg. #gojetsgo

  3. The Real Osgood Question

    Everyone is debating whether or not Osgood should make the hall of fame. However, I think a more pressing question is whether or not Osgood will hang in the rafters next to the other retired numbers? Is Yzerman going to be the only one from the 90s-00s era to make it there? While I think that Lidstrom will end up being the only one from the era to join him up there, I feel that Shanny, McCarty, and Ozzie's case for a banner should at least be made.