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  1. If you guys know about any stream for tonights game, I would appreciate the heck out of that post. I live in Sweden, therefor I cannot see that local stream. Thanks a lot!
  2. Was kind of easy to find. That is if I would have opened my eyes a bit... Sorry. Again, thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks buddy! Since I live in Sweden, do you also know if it's possible to view either game on the internet?
  4. Been looking forward to this season so hattdam much. Now we're here boys! Great to see 9 swedish skaters aswell. Should be really interesting to see Gustav and Joakim. Two teams with revenge in their minds. Gonna be fast and physical! Do you guys know when the games start? At the same time?
  5. That is probably as close as you can get. Almqvist might be a bit more aggressive though. He know's when to "explode" and not.
  6. I've seen him alot here in Sweden. I'd say he's more like Kronwall in his style. He's way more physical then Rafalski. Great skater both with puck and without puck. AND he likes the big open ice hits.
  7. He needs icetime to boost his confidence. That's his problem. Lack of confidence.