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  1. Tell the Illitch Family to Drop "Presented by Amway"

    It's a good point Oz... I guess I view the fan involvement as an ongoing investment: merchandise, games, my Center Ice subscription. Not to much the possibility of the new stadium being partially subsidized by the city. I know the last point is really what this is all about, but still, the fans do invest in the team just as much as the sponsors.
  2. Tell the Illitch Family to Drop "Presented by Amway"

    Thanks man. More than anything else It's at least away to express frustration so I can concentrate on watching the Wings make another cup run. Being able to express that frustration helps me be a better fan. That's not necessarily true. I work for a pretty conservative organization and there have been multiple times where online activism has entered into our decision making processes. Now, most of the time, you're right, the decision makers didn't go "yeah, the internet hates us, so let's stop doing what they hate" but they do at least talk about people's concerns and, from time to time, have made legitimate concessions. Done deal or not, the Wings and the NHL should know that there are frustrated people out there. That's the goal, not necessarily to change anything, but to try and have a voice about it.
  3. The Illitch family are the best owners in all of sports. They've given the city 4 cups and 30+ years of dedication and hockey excellence. The Red Wings sponsorship agreement with Amway is wrong. The team belongs just as much to the fans as it does the ownership and corporate sponsors. The constant branding of Amway makes the sport I love seem like a infomercial. Tell the Illitch family to end their agreement with Amway and to give Hockeytown back to the fans. This is not an anti-Red Wings page. This page is for Red Wing fans who want to see the Illitch family make the right decision about their relationship with Amway. Go Wings!
  4. Red Wings Sponsor?

    Hi All- Good luck to the Wings this year. I'm thinking a Cup final victory over the Caps with Pavel picking up the Conn Symthe. I have to say, the amway thing makes me uncomfortable. While today it's just marketing, I worry that tomorrow it will be the jerseys, etc. So, check out this Facebook Page: Like it, and we'll at least let the Illitch family know that in addition to being their and their sponsors team, the Wings are our team to. B